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Commercial Carpet Cleaning in London

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  • Fully insured, fully vetted, highly trained delivering an excellent commercial carpet cleaning service
  • Team supervision, cleanliness guaranteed, quality checking on the delivery of our service
  • A unique cleaning process combined with heat and agitation to produce a capillary action safely deep cleaning carpets
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    Our specialist team of carpet cleaners use a unique cleaning process combined with heat and agitation to produce a capillary action. This safely deep cleans carpets and removes deep seated dirt and bacteria from the carpet pile.

    The benefits associated with the cleaning system that we use include the following:

      • Quick drying formula (30 minutes)
      • Clean and disinfected carpet
      • Anti-static coating to reduce future dirt build up
      • No stretch, shrinkage or split seams
      • Low moisture with no sticky residue
      • Low noise application
      • Environmentally friendly PH formula
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    Dust and dirt collects deep in the carpet pile of your office on a daily basis. High traffic areas often left worse for wear if they are not cleaned and maintained regularly. A regular carpet cleaning schedule helps to prolong the life of your office carpets and prevents the build up and accumulation of mites and bacteria.

    A good quality carpet can last for twenty years or more if it’s properly cared for. Carpets need regular maintenance especially in high traffic areas, the visible grime we notice is only what we see on the surface, up to 85% of the dirt the carpet holds is buried within the pile.