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Table Test

Level of CleaningMaintain a level of cleanliness around the property such as dusting, wiping down surfaces, surface cleaning of the kitchen and bathroom, hoovering & mopping floors and tidying upCarry out a deep clean which includes the kitchen, behind, inside and underneath the oven & kitchen appliances, the bathroom (including limescale removal), cleaning fixtures & fittings and deep dusting including all corners of the room for cobwebs
ExperienceProbably haven’t carried out a deep clean at your property for many months as they may not have experience of doing this.Extensive experience of end of tenancy cleaning & provide a deep clean of your property from top to bottom.
Cleaning ChecklistReliable for keeping on top of obvious weekly cleaning tasks as part of a pre-agreed routine as well as any ad hoc cleaning requested from time to time. Have a cleaning schedule with a good understanding of exactly what needs to be cleaned.
ProductsUse whatever products the clients happen to have in their home.Use their own products that work more effectively and tend to get the best results.
WindowsMay occasionally clean the windows using the client's own products when requested.Can effectively the clean inside windows as well as outside, depending on the landlords/letting agents requirements.
Carpet & UpholsteryCan only hoover carpets & upholstery at the property.Carry out professional carpet & upholstery cleaning where these are found in the property.
PricingWill charge an hourly rate for the number of hours cleaned - anywhere between £12-16 per hour.Will charge a fixed fee depending on the property size, if carpet cleaning is required and any special requirements.
Service GuaranteeYou have to clean up any missed items or wait until the cleaner is next at your property to clean. Provide a guaranteed service so if there are any items identified by the inventory report as not clean, they will return free of charge.
The steps!The actions!
Step 1 Assess your needsWhat is it exactly that your office needs?
Does it need a deep clean with tasks such as stain removal and carpet cleaning?
Do you need cleaners to come in everyday or just once a week?
How long do you need them to spend there?
As well as the main office space, you’ll also need to think about additional rooms such as kitchens and washrooms that might need cleaning too.

Make a list of all of the services that you need so that when you start approaching cleaning companies you are ready to state exactly what you want without getting sold any unnecessary extras.

If you need a hand preparing you cleaning checklist, check out this handy blog post with some useful tips!
Step 2 Do your researchResearch is key to finding the best value service and making sure that you’re choosing a reputable and reliable cleaning company:

Look at cleaning companies that are within a close proximity to your workplace & make sure that they serve your area:
Check out what services they offer – do they match what you’re looking for?
View the website and see how experienced they are and if they have a registered address and contact details.
Read online reviews and assess them on criteria such as if they’re efficient and thorough, if current customers would recommend them, and if the service was satisfactory and good value for money.
Step 3 Get a quoteSome cleaning companies will offer a quote either their website pricing page, getting you to submit a form or calling a contact number.
However, it’s better if they offer a free site survey where a representative comes to your office, runs through your cleaning requirements and gets a good idea of your office layout
You should always double check what the quote includes, e.g cleaning products & materials, vacuuming & mopping, stain removal services, dusting around computers and telephones.
Once you have a breakdown of cost, you can start to compare with other services to get the best deal.
Step 4 Read the terms & conditionsIt’s easy to get tied into contracts with cleaning companies so make sure you read the terms and conditions to see what happens if you want to cancel at any time. Also read the small print on last minute cancellations, what happens if you’re not satisfied with the service, and if there are any extra fees or charges that you need to be aware of. Having this covered will mean avoiding any nasty surprises down the line.
Step 5 The choice is yours!Once you’ve assessed your needs, carried out the research and received some quotes, all that’s left to do is choose the right cleaning company for you!