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Sub-Contractor Registration

[wbc_heading title=”Consistent & Flexible Work,
Competitive Rates
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[wbc_heading title=”Increase sales for your business at zero cost” font_size=”28″ line_height=”32″ color=”#af100f”]
[wbc_heading title=”Receive confirmed work and guaranteed bookings for your business without having to spend a penny!
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[wbc_heading title=”Earn great money!” font_size=”28″ line_height=”32″ color=”#af100f”]
[wbc_heading font_size=”20″ line_height=”24″ color=”#333333″ title=”End of Tenancy Cleaning
Make between £150 – £400 a day”][wbc_heading title=”Contract Cleaning
Receive consistent monthly income” font_size=”20″ line_height=”24″ color=”#333333″][wbc_heading title=”Specialist Cleaning
Get at least £1,000 per project clean” font_size=”20″ line_height=”24″ color=”#333333″]
Added Perks
  • Access to mobile and desktop contractor management software to help manage your work
  • Discounted cleaning products, materials and equipment from approved partners
  • Online resources and an active community of subcontractors to get involved with
What You’ll Need
  • Two or three individuals willing to work in a team
  • A vehicle, driving license and experience in the UK
  • Good command of English
  • Excellent customer service skills
  • Desire to work honestly and hard in the name of your business
[wbc_heading align=”center” title=”Get started” font_size=”28″ line_height=”32″ color=”#af100f”][wbc_heading align=”center” title=”It only takes 5 minutes” font_size=”24″ line_height=”28″ color=”#333333″][wbc_button button_text=”Apply now” align_button=”center” font_size=”24″ line_height=”30″ bg_color=”#af100f” color=”#ffffff” padding_top=”10″ padding_bottom=”10″ padding_left=”10″ padding_right=”10″ link=”|||”]