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Covid Cleaning Services


Sanitisation and Deep Clean Services.
Options for domestic and commercial properties

Kills 99.99% of germs, thus minimising the risk of viral infection.

Carry out by our experienced technicians with full PPE following Government guidelines.

Emergency 24/7 service available across The South East


Antiviral Deep Cleaning, Sanitisation and Disinfection across the UK

Our fully trained team of professional cleaners will provide a specialist bespoke COVID-19 deep sanitation clean for all types of premises.
If you have a suspected case of Coronavirus and would like your premises professionally cleaned to dramatically reduce the threat or spread of COVID-19 please contact us.

Our accomplished cleaning team takes pride in their work and they are backed up by an experienced management team whose aim is to provide you with the highest quality service.

Tips to Assist your Business


Our sanitisation process includes :

  • Liaise with clients to identify and ascertain the requirements whilst providing a professional recommendation for COVID-19
  • Carry out a 3-Stage Clean consisting of Pre Deep clean, Stage 2 Anti-bacterial clean using professionally approved grade wipes, Final Sanitisation clean with chemical spray of surfaces and carpets
  • Brief all Operatives on PPE and how this is to dispose of.
  • Provide Full PPE to all operatives which includes gloves, face masks, and full body Hazmat suits. These will be removed safely and disposed of as Bio-Hazardous waste along with all materials used.
  • Sanitise all high contact areas including the workspace, kitchen, toilets, and meeting rooms.
  • Sanitise all desks, phones, keyboards, chairs, touchpoints, door handles, rails, etc within the effected area/s.
  • Spray all carpets and floors with a disinfection mist as part of stage 3
  • Chair Cleaning Service providing a fully customisable professional upholstery and sanitisation service tailored to suit your business needs.

Service Delivery

Geoff and his team understand that meeting expectations and building on client relationships are fundamental to consistent and exceptional service delivery. As a business, we are committed to delivering on the promises in our Service Delivery Manifesto, which you can read in full via this link.

We provide a tech enabled service, which includes on site support, regular site auditing and performance related review & statistics. Our cleaning operatives are also trained to provide the same dependable level of cleaning that we strive to deliver to all of our clients.

Our Happy Clients