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Commercial Cleaning London

Office Cleaners in London

Our office cleaning services are built around the flexible needs of your office, ensuring that your office is clean and ready for use every day.

Fully insured, fully vetted, highly trained cleaners

Team supervision, cleanliness guaranteed, quality checking

Complementary, expert services including professional carpet cleaning, waste management and more


Commercial Cleaning in London

Our daily commercial cleaning service is built around the flexible needs of your office. We make sure that your office is clean, tidy and ready for use every day to provide staff with a great working environment.

Our accomplished cleaning team takes pride in their work and they are backed up by an experienced management team whose aim is to provide you with the highest quality service.

Read this post to to make sure you choose the right cleaning company for your office!

Commercial Carpet Cleaning in London

We have a specialist team of commercial carpet cleaners use a unique cleaning process (heat + agitation to produce a capillary action) which effectively cleans carpets and removes deep seated dirt and bacteria from the carpet pile.

The benefits associated with this cleaning process include:

  • Quick drying formula (30 minutes)
  • Clean and disinfected carpet
  • Anti-static coating to reduce future dirt build up
  • No stretch, shrinkage or split seams
  • Low moisture with no sticky residue
  • Low noise application
  • Environmentally friendly PH

A regular carpet cleaning schedule helps to prolong the life of your office carpets and prevents the build up and accumulation of mites and bacteria. Find out more about restoring your carpets in this post!

Service Delivery

Geoff and his team understand that meeting expectations and building on client relationships are fundamental to consistent and exceptional service delivery. As a business, we are committed to delivering on the promises in our Service Delivery Manifesto, which you can read in full via this link.

We provide a tech enabled service, which includes on site support, regular site auditing and performance related review & statistics. Our cleaning operatives are also trained to provide the same dependable level of cleaning that we strive to deliver to all of our clients.

Our Happy Clients

Commercial Window Cleaning in London

Clean windows create a great first impression of your office! Our specialist commercial window cleaning services team use the latest techniques and modern equipment to achieve clean and streak free results.

We can safely and efficiently clean windows, skylights and glass throughout London, no matter the size, location or height of your office.

Commercial Cleaning Supplies in London

We arrange commercial cleaning supplies for all of our office clients. This results in us ordering large quantities of the highest quality products from our suppliers, which means that we can offer competitive pricing on a large range of cleaning materials and washroom supplies.

If your office needs toilet paper, hand towels, or cleaning supplies delivered to your straight to your door, we can help! We’re also able to arrange delivery within 24 hours of the order being placed. In addition, we will manage your stock levels and ensure you always have enough supplies to hand.