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Cleaning Partnerships London

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Deliver awesome office cleaning service to commercial properties or end of tenancy cleaning service to rental properties throughout London & the Home Counties.

Guaranteed cleaning jobs are waiting for you thanks to The Organised Cleaning Company!

We are expanding our partnership programme and currently looking for experienced, motivated and hard-working cleaning teams to carry out office cleaning and end of tenancy cleaning jobs all over London and the Home Counties!

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[wbc_heading align=”center” title=”Our Offering” font_size=”38″ line_height=”40″ color=”#af100f”]

✩ Guaranteed bookings and confirmed work;

✩ Immediate start and flexible schedule;

✩ Administrative, customer service and operations support;

✩ Developed online scheduling system;

✩ Competitive cleaning rates;

✩ Long term development and growth opportunity;

[wbc_heading align=”center” title=”PARTNERSHIP PROGRAMME INSIGHTS” font_size=”38″ line_height=”40″ color=”#af100f”]
[wbc_heading align=”center” title=”Our Partnership Programme Report” font_size=”24″ line_height=”28″ color=”#ffffff”][wbc_button button_text=”View Report” align_button=”center” bg_color=”#af100f” color=”#ffffff” link=”||target:%20_blank|”]
[wbc_heading align=”center” title=”Partnership Programme Summary” font_size=”24″ line_height=”28″ color=”#ffffff”][wbc_button button_text=”View Summary” align_button=”center” bg_color=”#af100f” color=”#ffffff” link=”||target:%20_blank|”]
[wbc_heading align=”center” title=”Ready to become a partner?” font_size=”24″ line_height=”28″ color=”#ffffff”][wbc_button button_text=”Apply now” align_button=”center” color=”#ffffff” link=”||target:%20_blank|”]
[wbc_heading align=”center” title=”Key Partnership Requirements” font_size=”38″ line_height=”40″ color=”#af100f”]
    • Two or three individuals willing to work in a team;
    • Driving license and experience in the UK;
    • Good command of English;
    • Excellent customer service skills;
    • Exceptional & responsive communication skills;
    • Desire to work honestly on behalf of The Organised Cleaning Company;
    • No upfront investment or deposit payment required.
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