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Waste Awareness Part 4 – Environmental Regulation

The fourth and final part of our series on waste awareness will cover Environmental Regulation and fundamental legal considerations regarding waste in the UK. Environmental Regulation The Law Everyone has a legal responsibility to ensure that they deal with waste properly and that it is disposed of in the right way. UK Environmental Regulations regarding waste […]

Waste Awareness Part 3 – Waste Disposal

In the third of our four-part mini series on waste awareness we’re going to set out details regarding waste disposal. Disposing of waste is the very last option identified in the waste hierarchy set out in our last post. Waste Strategy Landfill is a major source of methane, a powerful greenhouse gas contributing to global warming. […]

Waste Awareness Part 2 – Waste Hierarchy

Waste is expensive to manage. Businesses that minimise the amount of waste they produce save costs and become more competitive. To implement a successful waste minimisation stratergy in your business, you need to know about the waste hierarchy. Waste Hierarchy The waste hierarchy identifies how businesses can deal with their waste. Disposal is the most common option for businesses in […]

Waste Awareness Part 1 – What is Waste?

The SME sector is responsible for over half of the commercial waste produced in the UK. Research by the Environment Agency also confirms that SME’s have little knowledge about their waste responsibilities and environmental legislation. A common question amongst SME’s is – what is waste? What is waste? There are two ways of defining waste: The process analysis […]

Commercial Cleaning and Sustainability

Commercial cleaning and sustainability are two phrases frequently uttered together these days and have become hot topics over the past few years.