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The difference between cleaners, disinfectants and sanitisers

Do you know the difference between a cleaner, disinfectant and sanitiser?

Who are the messiest office workers?

A survey of 2,000 employees has revealed that accountants and lawyers are guilty of having the messiest desks. The research which was carried out by Viking, an office supplies firm, showed that 56% of respondents admitted to knowing a colleague who suffered from messy desk syndrome by messy office workers. Of these colleagues, accountants took pole […]

Tips for cleaning your office on a budget

Cleaning the office is normally one of the most dreaded tasks, yet it remains vital in order to ensure the health and wellbeing of your workforce. Whilst we would suggest appointing a commercial cleaner to ensure all problem spots are completely cleaned, we’ve also put together a few tips on Office budget cleaning. First things […]

What are your top office gripes?

While you read this, you’re likely to be sat at your desk in an office. As you’re sat there is a colleague annoying you by eating noisily or talking too loudly on the phone?! One of many office gripes that happen every day. With millions of us working in an office every day, it is […]

What to include on an office cleaning checklist

Everyone knows how important cleaning the office is but it can sometimes be overlooked to finish that all important piece of work. When you are able to clean the office, it’s important to have an office cleaning checklist that you stick to. That way, you can guarantee that your office will be as germ free as […]

Cleaners in London With a Difference!

Specialising in Commercial & Contract Cleaning, Pre & End of Tenancy Cleaning and Deep Cleaning in London! Whether you are looking for regular Commercial cleaners pecialising in Commercial & Contract Cleaning, Pre & End of Tenancy Cleaning and Deep Cleaning in London! Whether you are looking for regular Commercial cleanersOrganised Cleaning Company for your surgery, […]

9 Surprising Office Germ Havens Part II

Further to posting the first instalment of this three part series, we’re continuing with part two of the most surprising areas where  you’d find havens of office germs. Enjoy! Germ Haven #4: Telephone If you can’t remember the last time you cleaned your phone, it’s probably due for a scrub. If you share a phone, […]

Choosing a professional cleaning service…

Whether you’re looking to have a spring clean carried out, need someone to clean your office daily or have you’re rental flat cleaned before a new tenancy, choosing a professional cleaning company is not as hard as you think. Make sure you know your budget & what your requirements are and then: Check out websites […]

Restore, Don’t Replace Your Commercial Carpets!

Restore, Don’t Replace Your Carpets! Book your Carpet Clean within 5 days of receiving your Quote and Receive a COMPLIMENTARY £50 DISCOUNT!! Take a quick look down. Are your carpets stained and grubby? When did they last have a good carpet clean? A good quality carpet can last for twenty years or more if it’s […]

Tips for spring cleaning the office

With spring well and truly upon us, many of you may well be thinking about spring cleaning your home. Why not take it one step further by carrying out and spring cleaning the office? Before you can start the actual cleaning, you need to have a good declutter of your work area so you can actually get […]