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The Security Challenge in Contract Cleaning

The most significant security challenge in contract cleaning is the number of people working illegally in the UK. According to UK Home Office data, there is an estimated 500,000 to 900,000 people who work illegally. There are hundreds of thousands of fraudulent identity documents in circulation in the UK, yet few cleaning contractors have the ability to […]

Find a Cleaning Company for your Office

Ever thought about using a professional cleaning service for your office? Or perhaps you want to switch your current cleaning company? Use this guide to help you find the right cleaning company that is right for your office needs.  Finding the right cleaning company There are many cleaning companies offering different types of cleaning services. […]

The difference between cleaners, disinfectants and sanitisers

Do you know the difference between a cleaner, disinfectant and sanitiser?

1 in 4 office workers admit to not washing their hands!

Use these tips to help maintain your office hygiene.