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The OCC Intern Programme

The OCC have an Intern programme! From January 2017 we started an intern programme which gives interns the opportunity to have a feel of working in a small and medium sized business. We offer a range of opportunities including content writing, digital marketing, sales, business development, admin and operational roles. The internship runs for a three […]

Fancy a free beer? Let’s meet!

FANCY A FREE BEER? LETS MEET! As you can imagine, we’re still super excited with all the changes that are going on at The Organised Cleaning Company! Of all the changes taking place, the one that we’re really intent on implementing is increasing the engagement with our clients, whether that’s through more face time, regular […]

Notice anything different about The Organised Cleaning Company….?

That’s right, we’ve had a facelift and it feels amazing! We’re going through a number of exciting changes over the coming weeks & months and re-branding The Organised Cleaning Company is the first step on our transformational journey. We’ve update our logo which now looks super clean and simple (and nothing like Uber’s!). We’ve also […]

The best tips for Pest Control

Pest control can be a pain. It is important to understand trends in pest activity and it can be a hassle trying to exterminate and control pests. Want to prepare your home or business against pests? Look no further, we are here to help. Watch out for the warmer weather In the winter, many pests are killed […]

The Security Challenge in Contract Cleaning

The most significant security challenge in contract cleaning is the number of people working illegally in the UK. According to UK Home Office data, there is an estimated 500,000 to 900,000 people who work illegally. There are hundreds of thousands of fraudulent identity documents in circulation in the UK, yet few cleaning contractors have the ability to […]

How to make the Perfect Cleaning Schedule

Creating the perfect house cleaning schedule is a tricky task. A well-designed schedule can remove the stress of cleaning and give you a great sense of achievement when your home is tidy. Areas for your house cleaning schedule Your schedule should cover the most frequently used areas in your home, these will include; Living areas and dining […]

Find a Cleaning Company for your Office

Ever thought about using a professional cleaning service for your office? Or perhaps you want to switch your current cleaning company? Use this guide to help you find the right cleaning company that is right for your office needs.  Finding the right cleaning company There are many cleaning companies offering different types of cleaning services. […]

Here are the 5 dirtiest things you touch EVERY DAY!

Here’s an interesting fact – your toilet seat is NOT one of the dirtiest things you touch every day. Toilet seats tend to be the cleanest thing in the bathroom because we clean them so often. The dirtiest parts of your kitchen, bathroom and everyday items will be revealed in this post. If you’re wondering which […]

4 things you should be cleaning EVERY DAY!

Want to know the 4 key things you should be cleaning in your home everyday? Well look no further. Here are 5 places you should be cleaning in your house everyday to keep your home safe and bacteria free. 1. Kitchen Counters Think about the stuff you put on your counter tops (car keys, mail, your […]