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Specialist Cleaners in London

  • Fully insured, fully vetted, highly trained delivering an excellent specialist cleaning service
  • Team supervision, cleanliness guaranteed, quality checking on the delivery of our service
  • A selection of complementary, expert services including bio-containment cleaning, hard floor cleaning, regular maintenance cleaning

Where do you need specialist cleaning?

ConstructClean can provide you with a range of bespoke services covering specific areas of deep cleaning and bio-hazard cleaning.

Our highly trained specialist cleaning crew offer a rapid response, free surveys and fixed quotations for the following cleaning services:

Bio-Containment Cleaning

Hospital wards, schools and nursing homes can be cleaned to reduce and control the spread of illness between patients and residents.

External Building Cleaning

Whether it’s high level cleaning, render cleaning, stone or brick cleaning, we have experienced and accredited cleaning operatives to handle this type of work and restore surfaces to their original condition.

Accident & Crime Scene Cleaning

Crime scenes, trauma and suicide scenes cleaned, experience working with local authorities and private sectors, deep clean with the latest antiviral and antibacterial chemicals to ensure scene is restored to its pre-accident condition.

High Level Cleaning

From pressure washing the exteriors of warehouses & distribution depots to roof cleaning or manually cleaning the frontages of major high street retail outlets, we have the experience, skills and accreditations (PSMA & IPAF) to provide you with a professional high level cleaning service.

Environmental Cleaning

This type of cleaning is often carried out in extremely dirty situations, which can include both animal or human excrement, infection risks such as HIV, Hepatitis, Scabies and many more. Our operatives wear full haz-mat suits & masks and all bio waste is removed separately to other waste and is incinerated safely and within environmental guidelines.

Hard Floor Cleaning

ConstructClean offers a thorough cleaning services for wood & tiled floors, factory floors and grout cleaning. We work with all types of floor surfaces and floor cleaning service ensures a high level of hygiene, which is particularly important in commercial kitchens and medical environments.

Sharps Removal

Trained response teams specialising in disposal of sharps, including disposal of drug paraphernalia, services meet all current UK, waste transfer notes supplied for your records.

Regular Maintenance Cleaning

Certain types of properties and environments need regular scheduled cleaning, which is something Constructclean can help with. Whether it’s 6 monthly duct & deep kitchen cleaning, void cleaning or washroom & bathroom deep cleaning, our service can handle all of your requirements.

Graffiti Removal

Emergency round the clock call out service, graffiti removed from any surface, contracts offered in addition to one-off services, surfaces restored to their original condition.