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5 ways to ALWAYS have a clean bathroom!

When you want to wash off the grime and dirt of a hard day’s work there’s nothing nicer than doing so in a sparkling clean bathroom. Whether you go for a long soak in the tub or a quick freshen up, making sure your cleaning space is fresh and ready to be used whenever you want it is really important. To ensure this is the case there are a few quick things you can do. Here’s our handy guide giving you five ways to always have a clean bathroom from knowing how to clean a hairbrush to getting the whole family involved.

  1. Create a regular routine: If you clean the bathroom at least once a week it’s never going to get too bad. Set a day when you will usually have the time and make it your dedicated bathroom cleaning moment. Sunday afternoons are often a good option.
  2. Keep beauty and styling tools clean: You might have a clean room, but it’s important that everything in it is fresh and scrubbed too. When doing a regular clean make sure you know how to clean a hairbrush, toothbrush and other common bathroom items. For tips on how to clean a hairbrush and similar tools have a look at the useful resources online.
  3. Everyday cleansers: Once your schedule is up and running you can make things easier for yourself by also using everyday cleaning products. For example there are sprays designed to be used on a glass shower door after every shower. A quick spritz will make sure these surfaces always look OK.
  4. Declutter: It’s much easier to clean a space that isn’t packed with stuff.  Declutter your bathroom and it’ll be much quicker to get it looking sparkling.
  5. Get the whole family involved: One last important tip to always having a clean bathroom is to make sure everyone in your family gets involved in the task. Rather than it coming down to a single person as is so often the case, create a rota and make sure everyone has a go at getting it clean. If you have young children consider what tasks might be appropriate. For example even little ones can help with a bit of scrubbing. Make sure they don’t take part in anything that involves nasty chemicals however.

Those are our five top tips for making sure your bathroom is always fresh and clean. While cleaning a sink, toilet or shower is no one’s favourite activity, the result is very satisfying and just what you need when you’re getting clean yourself. Good luck!

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