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Best Ideas for Decorating a Wall

For a second let’s imagine; what if walls had a voice of their own? What would they say? Would they talk about the mazes of cracks and chips of plaster chipping away? Or would they speak of the new artwork that makes them feel glamorous? Well, if you listen to your walls, they actually have a lot to say. Just like your drawing room, guest room or living space that you pay attention to on priority, the walls of your house too demand your attention. They, too, wish to become a part of your home décor plan. So, this time, when you think about upgrading your home or just polishing it a little, do remember the walls. To inspire you, here are seven amazing ideas which you can implement in decorating your walls. Let’s scroll through together.

1. Floating Shelves
Whether it’s your kid’s room, your kitchen or even laundry, floating shelves are a great way to decorate the walls while utilizing them as storage. This, in addition minimizes the space from your floors and cabinets. You can use floating shelves for stationary, bottles, canisters or books. Another idea is to hook trellis shelf topped up with indoor planters. If you’ve a bare wall in your kitchen, floating shelves are almost always compulsory for a neat and optimized look.

2. Creative Wall Clocks
These days, there is a plethora of wall clocks available in the décor market. Usually, they come along with motifs, shelves, baskets or frames. Be it birds, florals, textures or labels, dive into your favourite style and get your walls decorated with a gorgeous large wall clock or a set of little little clocks.

3. Photo Gallery
A photo gallery is the first and last resort of decorating your home’s wall. Get your memories and photographs framed and let them hang over the walls with some thumbtack hooks or pins. If you wish to display them loose, a hanging collage or a collage poster is a wonderful idea. To make such a poster, simply combine the photographs into a collage or through laminated hanging pockets, and hang them on the wall with the help of a rail, hook or hanger. So, it’s time to take out all those travel photographs and wedding memories that have been hiding in your cupboard for decades!

4. Mirrors
Nothing can ever be compared to the looks mirrors cast over a bare wall. You might be planning to use a big solo mirror or an assortment of mirrors in different shapes and sizes. If you have got a wall opposite to it, you can decorate that wall with some colourful piece of art; which will add a complementary appeal to it. A mirror wall hanging is also a great idea for a bathroom wall or powder room.

5. Tapestry Drapes
Tapestry drapes are great if you are looking to breathe more life into your walls. From your bedside wall canopy to a tapestry frame to hanging drapes, every style looks amazing given you choose it based on your home setting. For an artistic look, you can apply ikat or bohemian prints. If you want to add a feel of cottage style, floral prints are best suited. As for the wall hooks, you can use anything from pushpins to peg rails. Even a curtain rod or a cloth hanger is ideal for the job.

6. DIY Mural Wallpapers
Again, a beautiful idea for wall décor. DIY murals give you the essential freedom to show your creativity and innovate your walls in a style you desire. Papers, cardboards, textiles, fabrics & sheets; any material would do. Funky style, for instance can be applied by stacking and pasting pieces of cardboard covered in flashy spray paints. For a dreamy look, an idea is to pin up a white fabric sheet and lace it up with strings of rice bead lights. Mosaic or pixel art is another terrific hack.

7. Canvas Wall Art Sets
Canvas wall art sets come in different prints, shapes, sizes, materials and cuts. Turn your living room into a nature-inspired fantasy by hanging a landscape canvas art. If you are an art lover, there is absolutely no end to variety or innovations you can choose from. If you want to go do-it-yourself, you can use cardboard pieces or split canvases to give the look of a full-on canvas frame. The key is to treat your wall like a large black canvas.

So, if your walls could speak, what secrets would they reveal?

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