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Tips For Keeping A House Clean With Multiple Cats

It’s no secret that owning a cat can make your home stinky. If you aren’t on top of a regular cleaning schedule, you can expect your home to turn into a giant, stinky cat castle.

However, this can’t deter you from being a loving cat-parent! If you have a home with a single cat, keeping up with the cleaning is as easy as cleaning out the litter box every so often, and vacuuming up hair once a month or so.

Once you put multiple cats into a single household, it can feel like the cleaning requirements skyrocket. This newfound responsibility is what comes with owning multiple cats.

Just because you’re going to be a crazy cat lady, doesn’t mean you have to have a smelly, dirty home. Here’s a few tips for making living with multiple cats, and also having a clean house

1. Ditch the carpet

When you think about it, carpeting is quite disgusting. It holds onto odors and is never really clean. If you have cats, these features of carpet are only exaggerated.

If you have the option, go for a laminate or hardwood floor instead. This way, when you want your floors to be clean, they can actually get clean. You can get a special vacuum designed to help pick up pet hair on hard surfaces too.

If you combine a regular (likely weekly) vacuuming schedule on hard floors, you’re going to eliminate a large chunk of the multi-cat-home stench.

2. Multiple Litter Boxes Is a Must

I was always told to have at least two litter boxes no matter what, even for a single cat. However, if you have multiple cats, you should likely have more than that. For 1-2 cats, two litter boxes should be enough, but if you have more cats than that, stick to the rule of 1 litter box per cat. If you have 5+ cats, this may be a bit excessive, but it’s just a guideline.

Ultimately you know how many litter boxes your cats will need to be comfortable. If you find that your cats are going to the bathroom outside of the litter boxes, this is probably a sign that they want somewhere cleaner to do their business. With multiple cats, even cleaning the litter once per day isn’t enough to keep a small number of litter boxes clean, so having multiple litter boxes is your best bet.

3. Have a Room For Your Cat Stuff

If you have space, it’s a good idea to dedicate a single room in your home as a “cat room.” In this room, you can keep your food, water, scratching posts, beds, and the cat boxes. This helps keep all the ick contained, and makes it easier to clean since it’s just one small area, rather than your whole house.

If you don’t have enough space for a dedicated room, I have found that putting the litter somewhere that is ventilated also helps. If you have a screened in patio and a cat door, but not enough bedrooms, this should be your first choice for litter box storage.

4. Keep Plenty Of Enzyme-Based Odor Neutralizers Handy

Enzyme-based odor neutralizers are the best for keeping cat smells at bay. It doesn’t matter what brand or specific product you opt for, just look for this particular type.

The enzymes help immediately eliminate odors and keeps them from coming back. Rather than just covering the smell up with something else, you’re actually chipping away at the source of the odor altogether.

5. Stay On Top Of Messes

This is the same for all pet owners. If you see a mess, clean the mess. This can mean a dirty litter box, vomit on your couch, hairballs, anything. Don’t procrastinate on cleaning because the longer you do, the worst the odors will build up.

Whenever I find a mess, I like to air out the room that the mess was in. If it’s a stinky one, just open up a window for a few minutes and create a draft. This will help suck out some of the bad smells. It is a great habit to get into, and will help keep your home from accumulating bad smells.

Now that you know how to keep your home clean with multiple cats, you’re ready to be known as the crazy cat lady of your friend circle. However, your friends won’t avoid coming over, because they will know that you take pride in the cleanliness of your home.

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