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The Ultimate Cleaning Hacks to Know When Moving into a New Home

Moving house can be a stressful experience if you fail to prepare, with many factors to consider along the way. Before you start to unpack and put everything in to place, you should make sure the house is cleaned thoroughly.
Usually, the previous owners will have cleaned the house for you, but in some cases, you may be met with some basic cleaning. It’s always good to be well informed of cleaning hacks to put into place when moving in to a new house.
Compare My Move have put together the best cleaning tips and tricks to keep in mind when you’re moving to a new house. From cleaning your bath with a grapefruit to using mayonnaise on dull looking plants, we’ve got you covered.

Stock Up on Cleaning Products
You’ll want to stock up on cleaning products at your new house. Remember to do this once you’ve arrived at your new house not to make your removal costs more expensive by taking more items than you need. Most pound and bargain shops sell the top branded cleaning products at a fraction of the price.

Use a Doormat
Using a doormat is the best way to prevent dirt and dust from coming in the house in the first few weeks of moving in. This is a popular item that people like to give as a house warming present, so if family and friends are asking what they can buy you, a doormat is always a good idea.

Clean Your Oven with Baking Soda
Baking soda has many purposes when it comes to cleaning. If you’ve moved in to a house that already has kitchen appliances, but they aren’t sparkling new, baking soda will do the job. Spray the inside of your oven with some vinegar and add baking soda to the mix, leave it to stand for a minute and give your oven a good scrub.

Save Money on a Window Cleaner with Vinegar
Vinegar is another useful household item that can substitute cleaning products, as well as being an all-natural ingredient. Mix two tablespoons of white wine vinegar with some water to create a spray for your windows and see instant results.

Use Lemon as a Disinfectant
Lemon is found in most cleaning products as it kills bacteria and many people like the fresh scent. Cleaning with just lemon juice and a cloth will be more effective than cleaning products and will save you some money too if you have lemons to use up. Their acidity will remove stains and act as a natural disinfectant.

Prevent Bins from Odour
Use the rind from your left-over lemons to freshen up your bins. Place the lemon rind underneath the bin bag and it’ll leave a lingering fresh lemon scent. It’s advised to replace the rind every week for a refreshing scent.

Scrub Bathtub with Grapefruit
The combination of a cut in half grapefruit and sea salt creates the perfect scrub for bathtubs. The mixture will eliminate dirt, grime and any water marks. It’ll also leave your bathroom smelling like fresh grapefruit.

Use Mayonnaise on House Plants
Experts and professionals rave about the use of mayonnaise to freshen up dull looking plants. Simply wipe down the leaves with a small amount of mayonnaise and a cloth, and it’ll give them its glossy shine back.

Now that you know Compare My Move’s best tips and tricks, why not experiment with these weird and wonderful cleaning hacks at your new house?

Author Bio
This post was written by Martha Lott. She writes regular blogs and guides for Compare My Move, an online home removal comparison website.

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