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How to clean your kitchen in under an hour

So, you’ve got guests coming over, but your kitchen is a mess and you need to clean it fast!

Don’t panic…there are some key areas you can tackle to transform your kitchen into a clean space ready to receive guests. And with our advice, you can achieve this in under an hour! How about that?

Right, you haven’t got much time so, grab your cleaning products and let’s go!

Load the Dishwasher

One of the things that makes a kitchen look dirty is countertops crowded with dirty dishes. To make your kitchen look clear and manageable, load your dishwasher! It only takes a few minutes, but it can make all the difference.

And if you don’t have a dishwasher, get washing those dishes – your kitchen will thank you for it and cleaning the countertops will feel much more manageable.

Wipe Down the Countertops

Keeping the countertops in your kitchen clean is extremely important as it doesn’t just look great, it also keeps your space hygienic. Clear the clutter and see your kitchen transform.

Use an antibacterial spray and a clean microfibre cloth to spray and wipe down all the countertops in your kitchen. And be sure to wipe underneath the kettle, toaster, and other items you store on top of the kitchen counters.

Clean the Windows

Did you know that having clean glass can make your home seem significantly cleaner than it really is?

Using glass cleaner or a solution of water and vinegar, spray your windows with your chosen solution and wipe clean with a microfibre cloth. Using a microfibre cloth ensures dust and dirt particles aren’t wiped over your window panes but are instead lifted off, leaving your windows shiny and clean.

Clean the Kitchen Sink

Your kitchen sink can harbour more germs than any other place in your home – even more than your toilet! So, it’s important you give your kitchen a good scrub regularly.

Use a good cleaning solution such as bleach, vinegar, or kitchen cleaner and spray your sink all over. Next, get your trusty microfibre cloth and start scrubbing – don’t forget the splash board and taps! Once you’ve given your sink a thorough clean, be sure to rinse it out with clean water and dry with a cloth or paper towels to avoid water marks.

Your kitchen sink will be as clean and shiny as new.

Keep Your Drains Clear

This is a job commonly forgotten about in the cleaning of your home, but it is extremely important. And it’s a quick and easy job to get done! Simply boil the kettle and pour the water down the drain.

This simple technique helps clear your drains of any grease, food, or debris, preventing blocked drains – a problem that can be expensive to fix! Pouring hot water down your drain every couple of days helps keep them clear and is a quick kitchen cleaning method that only takes a few seconds.

Empty the Rubbish Bin

Have you noticed your kitchen smells a bit funky? It could be the bin! Empty your rubbish bin and give it a clean with some antibacterial spray and a microfibre cloth to kill any germs.

You can also finish cleaning your bin with a quick wipe around with an essential oil you like the smell of – it will get rid of the bad odours and leave your bin smelling fresh and clean!

Sweep the Floor

You’re coming to the end of your hour now, so it’s time to give the kitchen floor a quick sweep. Be sure to be thorough and sweep your brush all around the edge of the cabinets, behind the door, underneath the bin, and in the corners. Trust us, it will be worthwhile knowing your kitchen is lovely and clean.

There you have it, a lovely clean kitchen. Sure, it’s not a deep clean but it does help keep your kitchen hygienic, clean and fresh.

Author Bio

Rachel Kerr is a professional copywriter for Bamboo Nine. Having worked in the commercial and cleaning sector for a number of years, Rachel has a lot of cleaning knowledge and experience. She is passionate about cleaning and loves sharing her top tips and advice with others.

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