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5 areas we forget to clean in the kitchen!

The kitchen is one of the most visited places in any home apart from washrooms and living rooms. Due to the nature of activities that take place in the kitchen including preparation of meals, its prone to dirt and germs and often requires regular cleaning to maintain a healthy environment for preparing meals. However, some people often clean up areas where they can see dirt and often neglect some critical areas that are important to maintain the overall hygiene of the kitchen. Here are the five areas we often neglect to clean in the kitchen.


We regularly wipe down the front of kitchen cabinets when cleaning but how many times have you cleaned inside and on top of the cabinets. You will be surprised to find dust and dirt accumulating on top of the cabinets and this provides a fertile ground for bacteria and germs to thrive. You should schedule to clear your kitchen cabinets at least twice a week and clean them thoroughly with a disinfectant including on the top to prevent buildup of bacteria and germs which may find their way into your food.

Inside the refrigerator

Refrigerators are cold on the inside to help preserve food for longer. As such some people assume that the cold temperatures are a deterrent to bacteria and germs therefore neglecting to clean them often. What they don’t realize is that meats and other foods often leave nasty stains and there are super bugs which are able to thrive in cold temperatures. Pulling out everything from the fridge and wiping it with warm soapy water often is a sure way to ensure your refrigerator is hygienic. You may also use baking soda to clear any nasty stains and prevent odors from building up inside your refrigerator.

Grease filters

The grease filters inside your microwave or under the range hood trap grease and other unwanted oils which may start producing odors in not cleaned often. Moreover, if you let the grease and oils accumulate to larger levels it may affect the performance of the exhaust fan leaving your kitchen smoky every time you are cooking. It is therefore advisable to clean them monthly; some filters in newer models of range hoods are dishwasher safe so you won’t use much effort in cleaning them up.

Kitchen sink and faucet

We wash our meats and vegetables in the kitchen sink but have you ever thought of thoroughly cleaning the sink area and faucet. Raw meat, eggs and even vegetables may contain some bacteria which all end up accumulating in the sink area when they are washed over there. Sometimes there is even risk of cross contamination if you keep touching the faucet. It is therefore advisable to take off sometime and clean up the sink area with soapy warm water regularly. You may also consider investing in a touchless kitchen faucet to reduce the risk of cross contamination.

Trash can

The trash can is the home of all dirt that your kitchen generates. Simply taking out the trash does not mean that your trash can is clean. Bacteria and germs may find crevices in the trash can and thrive in there which often leads to a lingering smell coming out of the trash can. Put on a pair of gloves, spray the inside of the trash can with a disinfectant, scrub and hose it down with plenty of water regularly.

Remembering to clean your entire kitchen area including the above often forgotten places will ensure you maintain high levels of hygiene. It helps prevent bugs and bacteria and you will be confident you are preparing your meals with the highest standards of hygiene. Also, cleaning up your entire kitchen regularly enables you to notice foods that have expired especially inside the refrigerator so that no one can inadvertently consume them.

This is a guest post by Lynn Genah, a writer and an editor over at  The Best Specs.

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