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4 things to remember when moving house!

When you tell people you are moving house one of the most common responses is how stressful it is. And this cannot be denied – whether you’re going two doors down the road or across the country (/world) moving house is a big deal and can feel pretty overwhelming at times. The trick to staying sane is to be very organised and plan everything well in advance.

To help you do just that here is our checklist of things you need to remember when moving home, covering everything from how to defrost a freezer before transporting it to how to deal with your kids and pets on moving day itself.

1. Plan well in advance

First things first it’s important to make a list of all major household items that you’ll be transporting from old house to new. This will help you work out the best method of transport. Most people these days use a home moving company and to get an accurate quote it’s important to let them know the amount and type of items involved. Remember too that some household goods will need a bit of preparation before moving day itself, for example wrapping up sharp edges on tables or long cable wires. If you are taking a freezer be sure to defrost it a few days in advance so there is time for all the ice to melt and you can clean it thoroughly. If you need more advice on things like how to defrost a freezer, then read more here. And don’t forget to also prep your new house in advance – hiring a cleaning company might be the best option for a spotless house ready to become a home.

2. Get rid of as much as you can

Secondly, as you’re working out what needs to be transported consider whether any of these items could be thrown away. There’s no point moving an old cabinet to your new house just to realise that you don’t actually want it after all. Local charity shops or recycling companies will often pick up big goods from home so work out what you can leave behind and dispose of it before moving day.

3. Get lots of boxes and start packing early

You really can’t start packing up your house too far in advance. While obviously there will be things you use every day that can’t be packed up early, lots of items can be pre-packed weeks before you’re due to move. While it can seem strange to live among boxes for a little while this will certainly be worth it when everything is ready and sorted in advance.

4. Arrange child/pet care

Finally, be sure to arrange appropriate child and pet care. People often forget this one or leave it to the last minute, but unless your children are older and keen to help it’s worth sorting out somewhere else for them to be while all the packing and unpacking is getting done. Having to deal with little ones while you’re undertaking such a complex operation can be a nightmare so call in a favour from Grandma or take your beloved cat to a friend’s house for the day.

That’s our initial check list for moving home. While it can seem daunting with a bit of planning in advance and some good quality professional support you’ll be enjoying your lovely new house in no time!

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