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Cleaning After Renovation

So you’ve renovated your home? Congratulations! It’s a huge task, but very much worth it. Not only will you be able to enjoy your house in its updated state, you’ll have probably increased its value by a lot more than you spent.

After all that work is complete most people just want to sit back and revel in the improvements. Before doing so however it’s important to undertake one last task: a major clean to leave your space spotless. If you’re feeling energetic then get this done yourself, but if not you can employ professional cleaners to sort it hassle free. Whatever option you choose it’s important to have a clear plan of things that need doing. This might take a bit of research, from knowing how to get rid of paint smell to the most effective ways of eradicating dust, but it’ll all be worth it in the end. Here’s our guide to help you get it just right.


  • Remove all dust covers

The first step in any post-renovation clean is to remove the dust covers that you’ve no doubt placed all over the house to protect your furniture and other belongings. There’s definitely a trick to this task as taking off dust covers without thought can simply spread dust all over the house. Try to fold inwards from the corners towards the centre until you have a small bundle. Keep tightly closed and take to your garden or the street where you can shake it out.  


  • Vacuum thoroughly

Once dust covers are removed vacuum up any remaining dirt and debris on the floor. Lots of off-cuts, sawdust and other debris are created during building work so it may take a few attempts to get your house looking as good as new. Try to get into all the corners and even inside cupboards to eradicate building dust from your house once and for all.


  • Open windows and ventilate

Now the dust isn’t so much of an issue it’s time to do a thorough ventilation. This is one good solution if you’re wondering how to get rid of paint smell (click here for more details). Open all the windows and doors for at least 30 minutes and let the fresh air circulate around your home.


  • Wipe down walls

It’s also important to deal with the walls after a renovation. As much as you might try to protect them beforehand it’s likely that they will have been affected whether from paint splashes, dust or dirt. On water-resistant finishes use a damp cloth to wipe away any marks. For wallpapers and non-water resistant paints try brushing with a gentle broom.

Those are our top tips when it comes to cleaning your house post-renovation. If you’re short on time don’t be afraid to get the professionals in; they will do everything to a very high standard. Whatever you decide once the post-renovation clean up is finished you can sit back and relax in your lovely new home.

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