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Matt Harris Interview

Can your business survive the 5 year startup forecast?  Get inspired by Matt Harris, the Founder and CEO of The Organised Cleaning Company.

Being an entrepreneur is like jumping off a cliff and assembling a plane on your way down,
this path is only for the brave, so if 5 year startup forecastyou can survive the 5 year startup forecast then congratulations you are one of the legends! If you are still on your way, this is for you.

In celebration of The Organised Cleaning Company providing 6 years of excellent service, and surviving the 5 year startup forecast, we caught up with Matt Harris, the Founder and CEO of The Organised Cleaning Company. In this exclusive interview he shares all his secrets with us, so grab a pen and a note pad. Also, don’t forget to leave a comment below, follow us on Instagram and Twitter, and like us on Facebook.

The Organised Cleaning Company provides a range of specialist cleaning services through their ProClean and ConstructClean divisions. Whether you need office cleaning, an end of tenancy clean, a deep clean, builders cleaning or emergency cleaning, they have the team to help!

  1.     Why did you venture into this business?

Matt Harris: I started the business when I was made redundant from my office job. I had very little money and spoke with friends from University who had previously set up a cleaning business. Because I worked the in property industry before being made redundant I utilised a few contacts and carried out some research on the cleaning industry in general.

Before I could start the business I was offered a role back at the company that I was made redundant from, I accepted, and after a couple for years of working as an employee again I decided that I wanted to set up the cleaning business, which I did in 2011. We got our first job in August 2012 and by December 2013 the business was in a position for me to leave work and concentrate on the business full time. The rest is history!

  1.     Tell us about your brand?

Matt Harris: Professional service delivery with a personal touch. Coming from a professional services background the emphasis of the business has always been on providing a professional service and giving our clients the best experience possible to ensure that they use our service repeatedly.

We have recently re-branded the business to make our logo look clean, simple and recognisable and launched a series of blog post setting out the ideas and intentions behind the re-brand.

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  1.     How do you organise and prioritise?

Matt Harris: Things that move the needle and generate revenue are a priority. Closely followed by client communication and client satisfaction for your service

  1.     How do you schedule your day?

Matt Harris:  Always prepare the night before for the following day. Day starts at 4.45 am, I work out for 20 mins, meditate for 20 mins and learn for 20 mins, I’m learning Spanish ATM. I arrive in the office for 7.30 and the day starts. I schedule work in half hour slots with the most important work first thing in the morning. I allocate days for doing specific things – marketing, bizdev, sales, operations etc. My day finishes between 7-9/10pm.

  1.     What are your wins?

Matt Harris: Starting the business and lasting over 5 years. Buying the ProClean Team business in 2015 and merging it with The OCC, doubling the business in size year in year for the first 5 years. Now, going through a pivot and changing the business model of the company and increasing customer service delivery.

  1.     What are your fails?

Matt Harris: Not achieving 100% growth of the business in year 6. Great staff that have left because we didn’t have enough work for them when we were growing quickly. Losing clients during the transition stages of our service delivery and contract management.

  1.     How does it feel to run a successful business for 6 years?

Matt Harris: It’s a lot more fun now then it was during the first 2/3 years. At that time I was doing a lot of the work myself and trying to find staff and people to help, as well as having a full time job! Now I get to spend more time working on the business rather than in it – although we still need to make more changes and hire the right people whom responsibilities can be delegated to to help with the business’ continued growth and success. That’s where we’re at right now!

  1.     How can people contact you, either for work or to work with the company?

Matt Harris: For contractors and staff that would like to work with The Organised Cleaning Company, they can complete the application for in this link and we will be in contact with them to arrange a meeting/interview.

Cleaning Contractors should go to

Cleaning Staff should go to

If you’re a prospective client who would like to work with The Organised Cleaning Company or one of our divisions – then please get in touch at or call our office on 020 7458 4433.

That’s everything you need to know about surviving the 5 year startup forecast.

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