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We are fundraising!

We are fundraising, and here’s why….

In the penultimate blog post of our re-launch series, I’m going to share with you the reasons why we have decided to start a funding round for The Organised Cleaning Company and the opportunities this presents to us as a business.

In 2016 The Organised Cleaning Company managed to achieve 120% growth through it’s acquisition and successful integration of ProClean Team and focusing efforts on growing the ConstructClean division. As a result, the management team met for a series of brainstorming sessions at the end of 2016 to identify other opportunities which the business could pursue in order to sustain that growth.

The outcome of the brainstorming sessions resulted in identifying 3 potential areas for us to focus on to continue the growth of the business – organic growth through further developing our relationships with existing clients and increasing sales, developing technology which will serve the cleaning industry as a whole and the potential opportunity to franchise the business and make it a national brand.

The management team concluded that additional resources were required to facilitate these ideas and as a result, we have been working diligently throughout 2017 to prepare the business for its first fundraising round for private investors. The business qualifies for Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) Relief, which means investors will benefit from a range of tax reliefs for new shares purchased in the business and in return the business will benefit from a capital injection which will enable us to execute some or all of the ideas which were identified back in 2016!

The funding round for the business is currently open and if you qualify as a High Net Worth individual and would like to find out some more information about the investment opportunity presented by The Organised Cleaning Company, please email Investor Relations at

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