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SaaS. Software as a Service in the Cleaning Industry.

We’re moving into tech!

In this instalment of our re-launch blog post series I’m going to provide you with an exciting behind the scenes idea that we have been slowly developing of the course of this year.

With the experience that The Organised Cleaning Company has gained in the cleaning industry over the last 5 years, we have gained valuable insights into the administrative and operational pains experienced by a cleaning business. We have also established business processes and collected useful data from a client’s perspective during the course of our service delivery.

As a result and with the growing trend in businesses using SaaS (Software as a Service) products, we have recognised a gap in the market for a software focused on the UK cleaning industry. This represents a significant opportunity and during the course of 2018, we will be looking to develop a SaaS to eliminate the administrative and operational pains for cleaning businesses, as well as standardising their service delivery and provide valuable data points for clients.

Our development of a Saas will enable The Organised Cleaning Company to capitalise on an opportunity in an industry which has been slow to adopt technology within their business process in particular small to medium sized businesses in particular, which make up the large majority of the cleaning market. This is due to the limited availability of suitable software and affordability. In light of these factors we will be developing a SaaS which is suitable for use by sole traders, SMEs and corporate businesses which operate within the £9bn a year UK cleaning industry.

In general, the SaaS will enable cleaning companies to keep their business organised through the use of software, which helps with their business’ operational efficiency. The SaaS will be a cloud based software which is supported by an app and a desktop launchpad. The app will be free to download for both Apple and Android handsets, and users will need to subscribe to our SaaS in order to use the app and desktop features.

In addition to the operational benefits the SaaS provides for cleaning businesses, it will also capture a wide variety of data sets according to the use of the software, which can be used to identify trends and provide useful feedback for clients with regards to KPIs on service delivery.

We are super excited by this opportunity and although it currently only represents an idea, we are currently in the process of a funding round to, which will help us develop an MVP early in 2018 that will enable us to test the viability of the idea and gauge how receptive the cleaning industry is to the use of technology in a broader perspective. More updates will follow next year when we officially get the ball rolling….

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