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The OCC Intern Programme

The OCC have an Intern programme!

From January 2017 we started an intern programme which gives interns the opportunity to have a feel of working in a small and medium sized business. We offer a range of opportunities including content writing, digital marketing, sales, business development, admin and operational roles.


The internship runs for a three month term where interns get to develop and learn skills whilst getting exposure to a working business. Interns get first hand practical work experience and The OCC receives valuable support and the opportunity to find and recruit new talent to the business.

The internship is run by weekly group sessions where interns feedback about tasks they have completed during the week and is a chance for them to ask questions and receive feedback on their work. Weekly targets and KPI’s are set to challenge interns and grow their abilities. The internship allows interns to bring and execute their own ideas and apply it to the business in which we offer both office based and remote working.


Each role allows interns to grow and expand their new and existing skills whilst applying it to a functioning business. Tasks can involve writing online content for our website, creating and editing videos for our social media pages, advertising current job vacancies, arranging and carrying out interviews or speaking to potential clients and building new relationships.

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We have the following internships available:

  1. Admin & Operations internship
  2. Creative & Editorial Content internship
  3. Digital Marketing internship
  4. Sales & BizDev internship

Interested in applying for on of these internships? Send an email to with your CV and covering letter and we’ll contact you and arrange some face time!

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