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Fancy a free beer? Let’s meet!


As you can imagine, we’re still super excited with all the changes that are going on at The Organised Cleaning Company!

Of all the changes taking place, the one that we’re really intent on implementing is increasing the engagement with our clients, whether that’s through more face time, regular updates via blog posts & newsletters (like this one) or through social media.

Increasing our engagement with you, our clients (and prospective clients) will help us with finding out what you specifically require from our service, where we can improve and what we are doing well already.

All of this will help us deliver a service that you’re completely satisfied with. We are always open to receiving your feedback, whether prompted or not, and we’ll always endeavour to implement the changes required and suggest suitable compromises as and when required.

As mentioned in our last post, some of the changes at The Organised Cleaning Company includes incorporating two additional business units in ProClean and ConstructClean, as well as sending out a regular weekly newsletter with tips and offers for each cleaning service.

Over the coming weeks I’ll be reaching out to all of our existing clients to arrange catch up meetings. This maybe just a quick catch up over a beer or 5, and totally informal, or a detail discussion around using more of our services and us sharing insights around how we can save you money, time, effort and energy — either way, we’re here to help and would love to catch up.

I’ll also be in contacting our prospective clients to arrange some face time and discuss how The Organised Cleaning Company can help with your cleaning requirements.

Until then…



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