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How to make the Perfect Cleaning Schedule

Creating the perfect house cleaning schedule is a tricky task. A well-designed schedule can remove the stress of cleaning and give you a great sense of achievement when your home is tidy.

Areas for your house cleaning schedule

Your schedule should cover the most frequently used areas in your home, these will include;

  • Living areas and dining rooms
  • Kitchen and food storage spaces
  • Bathrooms
  • Bedrooms

Now that you know which areas are most used, it’s time to get your flawless cleaning regime underway…

Ceilings and Hard to Reach Spaces

A general rule for house cleaning is to start high and work your way down in each room, this should be incorporated into your cleaning schedule. This increases efficiency and provides you with less work so you don’t spend hours in one particular room. If you started by hoovering the floor first and then dusted everywhere, small amounts of dust will inevitably land on your freshly hoovered floor! Hoovering the floor again becomes a waste of time.

Ceilings and hard to reach spaces can be tricky to clean. It’s worth investing in an extending feather duster. They can be easily adjusted to specific height requirements and make removing cobwebs and dust easy. For cleaning professionals and facilities managers, these are a must!

Cleaning schedule

Walls and Furniture

Another must to incorporate into your cleaning schedule when working your way down from top to bottom is to start to clean the walls and any furniture in the room. Clear any clutter and remove unwanted items by putting them in the rubbish. All rubbish bins need to be removed and replaced once a room has been cleaned.

Use antibacterial surface wipes to remove any marks and small stains on walls and furniture. Once dry, use a multi-surface dusting spray and cloth to remove the final pieces of dust and dirt.

Additional Surfaces

Worktops and preparation surfaces in the kitchen can be tricky to clean and sanitise. Make sure you use the right cleaning products when cleaning your food preparation area. The products must be suitable for food environments so read all instructions on the back of a product before use.

Floors and Carpets

Now that you have worked your way down and out of each room, you are coming to the final stages of your house cleaning schedule!

Finish up by clearing any clutter out of a room and organise the remaining items that belong in a specific room. When the floor space is clear you can start to clean it. A good quality hoover will remove all unwanted dirt and dust. If you have a hoover that requires a bag, make sure you check this regularly and replace the bag as it fills up. This will make sure your hoover maintains optimum suction!

Cleaning schedule

To sum up your cleaning schedule…

  • Before you start creating your house cleaning schedule, make sue you identify the rooms used most frequently. It will make you feel more productive when these areas are clean first.
  • As you start to clean your home, work from the top down and clean out of each room. Begin with ceilings, before moving onto walls and any solid furniture, worktops and finally flooring and carpets.
  • Any rubbish bins will need to be replaced and all waste needs to be disposed of properly (recycling or general waste).

Good luck!

If you have any questions on cleaning your home or would like a domestic cleaning service to take care of your cleaning, contact The Organised Cleaning Company on 020 74584433 and talk to one of our team.

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