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4 things you should be cleaning EVERY DAY!

Want to know the 4 key things you should be cleaning in your home everyday? Well look no further. Here are 5 places you should be cleaning in your house everyday to keep your home safe and bacteria free.

1. Kitchen Counters

Think about the stuff you put on your counter tops (car keys, mail, your handbag, mobile phone) it’s impossible to ignore how dirty they are. Kitchen counters also attract an endless number of crumbs.

You should wipe down and disinfect your counter tops every day. It’s not good practice to use one wipe across multiple surfaces because this will cause cross-contamination. So make sure that you don’t use the same wipe for the toilet and the kitchen when cleaning every day.

Cleaning everyday

2. Shower Tiles

The easiest way to keep your shower tiles clean is through regular upkeep, ideally cleaning every day. Run a squeegee over the tiles after every use to get rid of excess water. Also, make sure you ventilate the bathroom by opening the window. 

By keeping the bathroom well ventilated and drying the shower tiles, you prevent mold and mildew stains. If you do have mildew in the tiles, make your own mold and mildew cleaner with this great cleaning hack!

3. Your sinks 

After washing the dishes most people forget to clean the kitchen sink as well. This is big mistake as you actually leave behind grime and bacteria that sticks to the basin’s walls. If you’re serious about being clean, sanitise the sink every day. Either use a multi-purpose spray or a homemade solution of equal parts white vinegar, lemon juice and water. Spray on the sink surface, leave for 5 minutes and wipe. 
To get rid of limescale in the sink, why not try this awesome cleaning hack!

4. Dirty Dishes 

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