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Last week we published the first part of this series on hoovering, giving you the lowdown on the different types of hoovers on the market to help you make the right choice.

This week we’re taking thing a step further and giving you heads up about which hoovers are best to use for specific purposes…..

Home Or Office?

Will you be hoovering home or in a commercial setting such as an office? If hoovering at home you can get by with a smaller and potentially less powerful vacuum. Commercial settings, such as office, shops and storefronts are entirely different and you’ll require a bigger more powerful hoover!


Carpets are probably the most complicated to clean. Dirt, dust and other debris can easily sink deep into the fabric making it nearly impossible to remove. Hoovering can be even more problematic when attempting to clean thick carpet.

When hoovering large carpeted areas, it is generally best to opt for a corded or cordless upright vacuum. Also, you should make sure to choose an upright, which comes with a good rotating brush.

Hardfloor – Laminate & Hardwood

They’re actually surprisingly easy to keep clean, however, it is possible to scratch this type of flooring very easily. With this in mind, you’ll need to obtain a gentle vacuum, which is specifically designed for this individualistic purpose. 

When going for a suitable hoover, make sure to look for non-marring wheels. These wheels can be utilized on hard floors and will not result in dings, scratches or flaws. You’ll also want to consider investing in a vacuum, which utilizes a brush roll and can transition effortlessly from rugs and carpet to hard flooring.

Rugs & Mats

Whether you’re hoovering a small rug or a large wool rug, you’ll need a specialized vacuum that can get the job done, without overdoing it. In this category, it is possible to choose from a variety of different vacuums, with uprights and handhelds being some of the best. As with carpets, you will want to make sure to opt for a vacuum, which utilizes a rotating brush. This will guarantee that the deep down dirt and debris will be removed permanently.


A lot of homes have stairs and they’re great the majority of the time. Unfortunately, stairs can also be problematic for a handful of reasons. For starters, trekking up and down the stairs frequently can really take a toll on your back and knees. Of course, the worst aspect of all is the fact that stairs can be tremendously difficult to clean.

A handful of different models can work exceptionally well for hoovering stairs. As long as all of the characteristics match up, an upright, cordless or handheld vacuum could suffice for this purpose. In order to obtain a great vacuum for stairs, you’ll want to select a vacuum that is lightweight.

Furnishing & Upholstery

Although these curtains and furniture are necessities for your home, they also present yet another item, which needs to be cleaned regularly.

First and foremost, you truly cannot beat a handheld in this category. Handhelds are lightweight, easily maneuverable and will be able to clean your furniture perfectly. The majority of these vacuums will also be equipped with lengthy hoses, which will make them ideal for curtains and blinds. The only problem is that handhelds aren’t great for cleaning under furniture. This is why an upright is a reliable alternative. Of course, you’ll need an upright, which delivers an extensive operating radius. A lengthy hose is pertinent.

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