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Landlords – how to ensure your property gets let…

Property letting as a landlord is incredible important. If your property is on the rental market you should take steps to ensure that it is let as soon as possible and find a reliable tenant. Prepare your property now so that prospective tenants will see it at its best. Staging the property will help it let faster and can guarantee that you secure a good rent price.

So what can you do to ensure get your property let?


It is vital that you leave your rental property fairly empty to allow tenants to move their own belongings in and make the place feel like home. Aside from essential furniture, clear the space of personal or quirky items.

Fix it up 

This is probably the first thing to do when property letting. If you’ve recently had a tenant in your property, you’ll need to look out for any signs of wear and tear that could put a future tenant off. Fill any old picture-frame holes in the walls, secure any loose tiles and replace well-worn carpets. These aren’t huge jobs, but they could turn a potential tenant off.

Go neutral 

Traditionally, neutral tones are the recommended colours for rental property décor. A neutral property will appeal to the widest range of tenants, giving you a greater chance of getting it let out quickly. A new lick of paint will also brighten the property up and make it appear larger.

Focus on the kitchen

Kitchens are incredibly important to most tenant types when it comes to property letting! More often than not, a kitchen is worth more per square foot than any other room, so it can make all the difference. However, unless the kitchen is a real state, it doesn’t always make financial sense to completely replace it. Simply resurface worktops and replace any out-of-date appliances, and you can really modernise the space without spending a fortune.

Sort the garden

While your rental property may not have a garden, don’t forget to sort out any outside space it does have. Most tenants will be interested in having a balcony, yard or garden, so smarten these areas up. Cut back any overgrown bushes, weed the garden, and clean any furniture outside. If you are letting a house, clear the front garden and put some pots outside to boost kerb appeal.

Clean it!

If your tenants didn’t clean the property well at check-out or it’s been empty for a while, remember to make it sparkly clean before viewings. Remember to remove limescale, scrub tile grout and clean windows inside and out to help the property look as good as possible.

Don’t forget that the property needs to smell good too – a bad smell is the single biggest turn off for those looking to move house. Make sure that the drains are clear, the bins washed out and the kitchen is aired.

If a smoker tenant has recently been in the property, place bowls of vinegar around the place. Leave these for three days, then remove and open the windows. The vinegar smell will disappear quickly, and take the cigarette smell with it.

You’re welcome 😉


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