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Five things you didn’t know about toilet paper….

Although National Toilet Paper day was last month, we thought we’d pass on some useful facts about toilet paper that you can use for your next pub quiz!

Useful Toilet Paper Fact #1

Toilet paper is really, really old – like 6th century AD old. It was also recored as being used in medieval China!

Useful Toilet Paper Fact #2

By the early 14th century, in the modern day Chinese province of Zhejiang alone, ten million packs of toilet paper were being produced.

Useful Toilet Paper Fact #3

Marketing changed the game and Joseph Gayetty (an inventor) is widely credited with the invention of modern commercially available toilet paper, which was introduced in 1857.

Useful Toilet Paper Fact #4

Toilet paper is big business. Today, more than seven billions rolls of toilet paper are sold yearly in the US alone.

Useful Toilet Paper Fact #5

Toilet paper is prone to innovation, with a toilet paper available that is made from rapidly renewable plant-based fibres such as wheat and bamboo!

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