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Useful hoovering hacks…

imagesMany believe that hoovering is quickly dragging the hoover round and perform sweeping motions on your floor. It surely is but with some appropriate techniques and tools, you can make it even easier and effective even if you are a beginner with a canister vac!

Preparing to Hoover

Before you start make sure that you’ve picked up all clutter & stuff from the floor by carrying out a quick walk-through the area to be cleaned. Check if the hoover bag is full and if it’s even close, replace it before you start hoovering. Clean filters & a clear hose will also be checked to get the most effective suction power. Most hoovers nowadays offer different settings of cleaning according to the type and height of surface you’re about to hoover, so make sure you’ve set the appropriate setting for your surface

General Tips for Speedy Hoovering!

  • Hoover curtains & furniture first.
  • Hoover in a straight path so you can follow a pattern and ensure that each area has been hoovered.
  • Hoover all the rooms first and then move to the hallway and stairs.
  • For stairs start from the farthest area and hoover backward to the top of the stairs. Use telescopic wand that works most effectively on cleaning of stairs.
  • Pick up all the rugs of house and shake them well outside and then hoover.
  • Cleaning Over Carpets: Carpets should be vacuumed slowly for effective removal of dirt. Begin to vacuum from the door and take overlapping passes especially towards the edges. Carefully clean areas where the dirt may be grounded in. For cleaning of corners make use of dust brush and crevice nozzle.
  • Cleaning Hard Floors: Canisters vacs usually come with a specific hard floor attachment that is designed to clean well over hardwood floors. Over hardwood floor usually dirt and dust is readily collected in the corners so every time you hoover the corners and take multiple overlap swipes.
  • Clean baseboards with crevice tool and use upholstery tool for removing dust and debris over upholstery furniture.


Canister vacs have tools that allow you to clean under the furniture, in the corners and upholstery without the need of moving heavy furniture every now and then for hoovering. The attachment tools are designed to reach all places well. Most of the canisters come with nozzles, hoses, wands and other attachments.

  • Use brush attachments/upholstery tool for loosening of dirt and dust on furniture and upholstery. You can even clean chairs, leather sofas and curtains.
  • Use wand to clean corners, edges and tracks of sliding doors of glass.
  • The extension wand enables you to clean all those places that are out of reach of hand. You can clean ceilings and get rid of dirt and cobwebs over skylights.
  • A bristled brush is designed usually with bristles attached closed together and you can use this tool for effective cleaning of polished, hard surfaces. This may also be used over hard to reach area of carpets.


These tips for hoovering your house quickly with a canister vac help you in hoovering your house quickly & effectively (like an expert!). If you follow these tips, you’ll get your house hoovered clean in no time!


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