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How often should you be cleaning your house? Part 2

We love home cleaning! Part 2 of our series on guidelines we’ve collated about how often you should be cleaning your house. Part 1 was posted on The Organised Cleaner earlier this week so enjoy digesting the rest of these home cleaning rules!

6) Cleaning the shower head

This may not be at the top of your chore priority list, but it’s something that needs to be done nonetheless.

How often? In commercial properties it’s a legal requirement for shower heads to be deep cleaned once every 3 months as this poses a legionella risk. At home, giving your shower head the attention they need by soaking them twice yearly to remove deposits will be more than sufficient.

7) Scrubbing the oven

It’s where we cook our food – so we obviously need to make an effort to make sure it’s clean.

How often? According to oven makers Reichert, ovens should be cleaned at least every three to six months, or more often as needed. However, you should wipe down the oven door at least once a week.

8) Cleaning the fridge

Refrigerators are very important kitchen appliances. We use them to store most of our food, and to keep it fresh and in a good condition, so it’s important to clean them regularly.

How often? The frequency of the cleaning of every fridge is individual, depending on what is stored in it, and how it is stored. These appliances have to be cleaned every week. Remove everything from your fridge once quarterly so you can effectively wipe down the inside of your unit. This is a healthy habit, too, since it will allow you to more easily check for expired foods.

9) Washing towels

Bath towels absorb dead skin cells and natural bacteria from our bodies and warm, damp conditions mean this bacteria thrives. Sharing towels can spread bacteria and viruses such as Staphylococcus aureus (which can cause skin infections), cold sores and Athlete’s Foot.

How often? Bath towels should be washed after every three uses, insists Philip Tierno, New York based microbiologist.

10) Mattresses

A great bed is nothing without a quality mattress so it’s important we keep it clean (especially considering we spend most of our lives lying on it!)

How often? Mattresses should be vacuumed every six months to remove dust and pathogens that can cause everything from skin irritation to runny noses. While you’re at it, make sure you flip and/or rotate your mattress four times a year to help maintain its structural integrity.

These are the home cleaning rules, make sure you follow them ;P

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