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7 Tips On Property Heating

As a landlord you should always stay ahead when it comes to property maintenance on your rental property. Adit’s the last bank holiday of the year, use this Monday to make sure that your property heating is ready for the summer the autumn to avoid any nasty surprises when the colder weather arrives.

Follow these tips to prepare your property now for the autumn season:

1.Check your Property heating system 

If your tenants haven’t been using the heating system over the summer months, it is worth ensuring it is in good working order before the weather worsens. Check the system is working by turning your property heating system on and the thermostat up & give it time to get going. Go around the property and check the radiators to make sure they are all heating as they should, and that there are no leaks or cold patches. You may need to bleed the radiators if there is air in the system. You may also like to book a service for your boiler.

2.Clear the pipes

Clear out your drainpipes and gutters to avoid potential damage. Check them regularly over the next few months to help avoid overflow. Remember that if water runs down the outside of your house, damp could build up inside.

3.Examine the roof 

Carefully examine your roof for any missing, broken or loose tiles. Any storms would make these issues worse, while heavy rain could cause expensive leaks. If there is any bad weather over the autumn, go back to the property to check that the roof is still okay – a loose tile may turn into a much more serious issue if it is not fixed as soon as possible.

4.Prepare the garden

While your tenants may have spent some time looking after the garden over the summer, it is likely that they won’t spend much time out there in the autumn months. Prepare the garden by clearing out any weeds, stray leaves and other debris that you find. It is also wise to move any potted plants, garden furniture or ornaments to safe places out of the wind to avoid chaos in the event of strong winds.

5.Review your property insurance

As a landlord, your rental property is a valuable asset that provides you with essential income. As such, it is vital that you protect it with the best cover available. Check your current landlord insurance – is your provider offering you this much cover?

6.Check your insulation 

Help your tenants save energy and money over the colder months by checking that the loft is adequately insulated and isn’t allowing heat to escape from the property. Ensuring that your tenants’ bills are as low as possible will encourage them to stay in your property for longer and prevent void periods for you. By putting measures in place now, you will not only prepare yourself for autumn.

7.Repair any cracks 

Check the property’s driveway for any cracks, as these are likely to worsen in the colder months and could lead to a tenant injury. Equally, if the property has a chimney, you should check the stack for any cracked cement or split pots. Storms may loosen these breaks and cause expensive damage.

Happy Bank Holiday!

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