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Which cloth should I choose to clean…?

Microfibre has become the cleaning cloth of choice in both the cleaning industry and in our homes. It is effective and can be used to clean in almost every scenario imaginable.

However, there are still plenty of other traditional cloth options, which are still very popular. In this post we’ve considered a few of those other options, which we’re sure you still use!

  1. Dish Cloths – The general purpose cloth of choice as it’s suitable for a wide range of tasks.  They’re often made from cotton and are flat knitted and hemmed to keep their shape.
  2. Floor Cloths – Made from cotton and extremely hard wearing makes them ideal for takes which cannot be carried out by a dish cloth! Particularly effective for heavy soiled areas and cleaning floors when you cannot use a mop & bucket!
  3. Lightweight Cleaning Cloth – These are semi-disposable, non-woven cleaning cloths which are extremely effective in reducing the spread of bacteria. They are ideal for use in  the kitchen & food preparation areas.
  4. All-purpose Cleaning Cloth – Good for use for general cleaning tasks and are a suitable alternative to the more traditional cleaning cloth. Being sponge like they are ideal for collecting food and dirt as well as removing stubborn stains.
  5. Yellow Cloth Duster –  Dusters are made from cotton & hemmed to prevent from fraying. Mostly used for dry polishing hard surfaces and most effective when used with furniture polish or water applied in a mist, either directly onto the surface or onto the cloth itself. These cloths should only be used for general dusting and polishing, and need to be cleaned regularly.
  6. Flicker Duster – Made from pure lambswool, these are handy dusting tools for hard to reach areas. As they’re made from wool, these duster can hold a static charge and they are also fully washable.
  7. Chamois – These cloths can absorb up t six times their own weight in water and are extremely effective at soaking up large quantities of water. They can also leave clean and smear free finished on hard surfaces, particularly glass and high polished surfaces.

There are plenty of options to using microfibre cloths either around the home or in commercial properties – which do you choose..?

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