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Get rid of smelly sink odours!

When it comes to foul odours, there isn’t much worse than a smelly sink odour

You’ve cleaned everything. There is not a crumb or speck of dirt anywhere, yet you smell something that turns your stomach. You investigate everything looking for this stinky smell. Finally. You discover that it is your sink drain. It smells horrible and you can’t seem to get rid of the sink odour.

The Cause

Drians that have sink oduor don’t just happen overnight. They’re a cumulation of weeks and months of everything you have run through your garbage disposal and down your drain – from sour milk to left overs from last month’s special dinner.

The problem is, not all you put in your disposal or down your drain gets flushed completely out. There are bits of food and who knows what, that stick to the sides of the pipes that is causing your smelly sink drain. As these left over items start decaying, it begins to break down and the sink odour start to spread. This is a natural process of any living organism that dies. When it dies, it starts to decay and stink.

The Solution

But hold on – not all hope is lost! There is a way you can rid your home of the smelly sink drains without harsh chemicals. Not only that, it will even smell quite pleasant. By using a natural enzyme product you can eliminate the drain smells, pretty much forever. The enzymes will eat the decaying matter since it is their food source. Once the source of food is eliminated, no more odors.

These products have billions and billions of enzymes in them all eating the junk at the same time. This is how they work to eliminate odors so fast.

How to use Enzyme Products 

First flush your drain with hot water for several minutes. This will help remove some grease & fats and other loose gunk. You can even put some baking soda in the drain then flush it out as the foaming action will help to loosen more junk.

After you flush with hot water, run cold water down the drain, otherwise if the water is too hot it can kill some of the enzymes. Then pour about a cup of straight enzyme product down your drain just before you go to bed. Let it sit overnight giving the enzymes time to work. Depending on how bad it is, you may have to do it a couple of nights.

Once you’ve finished the first round of drain cleaning, a weekly maintenance program will help keep things in check and keep your drain clean, fresh and running freely.

The Aftermath

Using the right enzyme product will not only eliminate your smelly drain odor, but using one that has a fragrance added will make things smell fresh and clean. No sink odour coming through the drains, just a pleasant fragrance. And a clean drain!!

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