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Useful tips to help declutter your closet….

Let’s be honest, most of us like hoarding stuff right? That colourful jacket you bought in the second hand store, or that pair of jeans you got in that Harrods sale, neither of which you’ve worn in the last 5 years! If your messy closet  crammed-in clothes, shoes and accessories, you can restore order with some useful advice:

First, choose a place to start… 

Pick a specific area to start your tidy up – whether it’s your clothes rail, shelves or shoe rack. To avoid leaving a task unfinished, work through it methodically. For instance, if you’re organising your shelves, sort each one before moving on to the next. And, if you work from top to bottom, you’ll also avoid going over the same thing twice. Their is always a way to breakdown the cleaning pattern of  a messy closet.

Hang instead of fold

Winter jumpers and tops can take up a lot of drawer and shelf space. Instead, try organising them in a canvas storage unit that hangs from your closet rail or shelving inside the closet. This will make arranging them by colour easy and you’ll be able to see everything at once. Rather than folding belts, try hanging them from a hook inside your closet door, which again will free up drawer space for other items.

Invest in vacuum storage bags 

These are great space-savers for storing seasonal items. They take up a relatively small amount of room and protect their contents from dirt, dust and damp. You can also use them when you’re de-cluttering for summer, as you can store large items like duvets in vacuum bags, too.

Try everything on!

Trying on all your clothes is another way to decide what needs to be thrown out. Even though something may look great when it’s hanging up doesn’t mean that it will be comfortable or practical when you put it on – especially if you haven’t worn it for some time.

Maintain what you select

Once you’ve identified the clothes that you want to hold on to, spend a little time sewing on missing buttons, or fixing any loose threads. And with more space in the closet, your clothes will hang beautifully without the risk of getting creased, so give them a quick iron before you put them back.

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