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How secure is your building?

In today’s climate of ever-increasing security threats, it’s very important that your premises are as secure as they can be and that you regularly review your building security strategy o make sure you are keeping your staff, students and other business assets are safe as possible. With that in mind, we’ve outlined some key areas for you to consider in relation to the security at your premises:

1. Locks & Keys for Building Security

Sadly, many businesses still rely on this method for securing their premises. In this day and age locks and keys are outdated, expensive and very open to security breaches, just think how easy it is for keys to be lost, fall into the wrong hands and be copied and what about the costs associated with replacing locks when keys have been lost. If you still rely on locks & keys, we would recommend you could’ve to an electronic access control solution, which will not only improve building security but will be more cost effective to manage. If a staff member loses their entry ID card or fob, it is a quick five minute job to block the card and issue a new one and all without leaving your desk – weigh that up against the need to call a locksmith out and issue new keys to all key holders!

2. Using Outdated Technology

Of course, you may already have a door access solution; it may rely on a PIN pad or use Barcode readers. Technology has progressed at a rapid pace and these systems are now outdated and not as secure as they once were. Upgrading to the latest RFID or mobile technology will ensure your building security is future proofed and able to meet ongoing growth or security demands.

3. Rapid Growth

If your business is growing at a rapid pace then improving your physical access becomes more important, not only from ensuring your premises and staff are safe & secure but also ensuring you can easily manage your buildings security. Being able to easily deploy or change access rights and have a real-time audit trail will enable the smooth running of your building, so you’ll know who is in the building and where they are or have been. With rapid growth also comes the need to be able to scale quickly so you require a door access solution that lets you add doors and people quickly and easily without costing the earth.

4. More Visitors

A growing businesses often attracts more visitors so the ability to easily and efficiently manage these visitors is vital. Using an access control system that offers a good visitor management option will be an important consideration. You’ll want to know what visitors are on the premises, when they arrived, where they went and when they left, you might want to restrict where they can go, by allowing them access to just to the areas they need to fulfil their visits purpose.

5. The Need to Provide Building Security

In past times simply securing your ‘front door’ was enough but times have changed and many threats and breaches now emanate internally, so now you may need to think about securing server rooms, R&D spaces, staff rooms, director’s offices, finance departments, car parks or even lifts. You need to look for a solution that can meet these needs and offers the scalability you need at a reasonable cost.

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