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What makes somewhere desirable to live?

Somewhere desirable is just a spectrum that tends to skew itself as a measure of ‘how far away are you from the worst?’, failing to reflect the positive desirability of an amazing local area.

1. How well does an area satisfy my needs?

On the one hand, somewhere desirable might be measured by reference to ‘how well does this location satisfy the primal needs of a human being like me?’. If you have children who need schooling, an elderly parent who needs care, a reliance on public transport or an obsession with Waitrose, the desirability of an area will be reflected in how well the amenities & facilities of the local community address those needs.

2. How do you choose somewhere desirable and the right  property?

Many supposedly ‘nice’ areas have serious drawbacks that might render them ‘undesirable’ for certain groups in society; equally, many hitherto ‘undesirable’ areas actually provide everything someone might need at a certain point in their life, and so deliver an high level of suitability to certain groups.

3. Somewhere desirable and a shortage of childcare

Somewhere desirable are places like, affluent, posh (call it what you like) areas had the most chronic shortage of childcare space, resulting in some parents having to put their children down for nursery or a childminder before the child was even born, which is – of course – utterly ludicrous. For those parents, with a need for childcare, are those location still desirable? Perhaps in terms of perception, but in terms of pragmatism: absolutely not.
Desirability is purely a subjective measure of how well an area addresses your needs as a current or prospective resident. Hope this helps you find somewhere desirable!

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