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Handy tips for looking after your floor!

If you think about it, the floors in any property naturally take a beating over time, especially in commercial properties with loads of occupants and high traffic areas! Whether it is in your home or an office, they’re bound to experience wear and tear.

Flooring can also be expensive to repair or replace and this alone should be an incentive to look after whatever floor you have invested in. Some parts of your home that are unhygienic are often invisible to the human eye, which can make it difficult to keep on top of. Carpets, vinyl and tiles can all harbour bacteria that we don’t see, so it’s definitely worth finding the best method to maintain it.

Although regularly hoovering & mopping may make your flooring look clean, the chances are it could be cleaner! There are other methods to help you look after and maintain your floor no matter what it is made from, so here are some useful tips to enable you to do so:

1. Having the right equipment

With so many different materials that your floor could be made from, you should ensure you have the correct equipment or cleaning products that won’t ruin your flooring. It can often be difficult to know where to start with so many different cleaning products and equipment out there.

Brushes, scrapers or squeegees are incredibly useful and can provide you with a bristle brush to scrub away any obvious dirt and debris. Brushes are particularly good for sweeping floors effectively especially if you have hard flooring.

If you are needing to clean floors on a much larger scale, it may be worth investing in a floor cleaning machine to provide spotless floors. With both carpet cleaning machines and scrubber drying machines on the market, you’re bound to find the right equipment for your needs.

But what if you need more than a decent brush? There are so many other products out there that can easily restore your flooring to a high level of cleanliness.

2. Floor cleaners

Floor cleaning products, whether they are for hard flooring or carpet, are great for giving your floor a proper clean every now and again. Carpet in particular will harbour dirt and bacteria in between its fibres, and a good quality carpet cleaner could be ideal for extracting any grime in order to restore your carpet to a good condition.

If you have a hard surface flooring, there are a huge range of products available to ensure everything remains hygienic. Removing soiling effectively, they are simple to use too.

3. Maintaining your floors

Of course, there are many other methods of looking after your flooring that do much more than just keep it clean. You may want to invest in floor maintainers that can uphold the gloss or shine and ensure it all looks new.

If you work in an area with a heavy footfall, floor paint may have to be a part of your stock cupboard to keep everything looking new and smart.

Removing scuff marks, restoring a pleasant fragrance or even providing a protective barrier for your floor are all possible with various floor cleaning products.

If you’d like some more handy tips on how to keep your floor clean, give the folks at The Organised Cleaning Company a call on 020 7458 4433 and they’d be more than happy to help!

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