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Would you leave your hotel if it wasn’t clean enough?

magazine_articles_2861_0_mainApparently, 80% if Britons would leave their hotel if it wasn’t clean enough! Would you leave over hotel cleanliness because  research has found that people would leave the hotel if it didn’t meet their hygiene and cleanliness expectations, which is fair enough..

According to the research carried out by Direct365, there are many things that hotel guests look for when choosing a hotel –  price, location & amenitng theies being most important. However, the research has shown that hotel cleanliness are also paramount. If four out of five people would actually abandon a booking due to an unclean room, it’s essential that hotels prioratise hotel cleanliness as much as they can!

The condition of a hotel is difficult to gauge unless you’ve stayed there before, which is why online reviews have become so important. The rise of TripAdvisor & Yelp coupled with the growing number of people using social media to raise concerns or voice complaints, has caused hotel owners to ensure that they maintain the highest standards at all times when working towards hotel cleanliness.

With the summer holidays fast approaching this is an important time of the year for the hotel industry and hotels cannot afford to garner negative reviews. Hotel reviews are becoming more important than ever, and it’s essential that owners strive to constantly provided a high level of service in order to stay ahead of the competition, and ultimately in business.

Unfortunately, one bad review can spread like wildfire on social media, even if you have dozens of good testimonials. The bad ones stand out and leave a sense of doubt in potential customers minds….

The question is, would you leave a hotel if the room didn’t meet your standard of cleanliness? Have you done so before? We’d be interested in your feedback so make sure you leave a comment!

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