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Health & wellbeing ranks high with your workforce…

Stressed-out office workers have plenty of things to fret about these days – commuting chaos, impending deadlines, promotion prospects and job security among them. An independent poll commissioned by Kimberly-Clark Professional has identified something else that causes office workers a great amount of anxiety – their health!

Nearly three-quarters of office workers said they were concerned about the presence of germs in their workplace. The survey found that 21% of office workers said they were “greatly concerned” by germs at work, with 51% stating they were “somewhat concerned”. Meanwhile, 57% said they were worried about the transfer of germs from work to home.

Asked where they thought germs were most likely to lurk in the workplace, 78% cited the office toilets, with 69% mentioning toilet door handles. Two in five respondents said they’d used another part of their body to exit their office toilets in an effort to avoid touching the door handle. Most people used their elbows (57%) but 48% said they used either their foot or their leg!

The survey identified that generally, there is a high level of mistrust among office workers in relation to their colleagues’ hand hygiene. More than half (56%) said they worried that co-workers used the toilet without washing their hands and two thirds said they trusted their family’s hand hygiene standards more than those of their colleagues.

Office workers are right to be concerned. Invisible bacteria in the workplace can cause colds, flu and upset stomachs. Though they are minor, these are unpleasant illnesses that force people to take time off work.

A sense of wellbeing is vital in any place of work and a healthy workforce is a happy & productive workforce. Companies that take proactive measures to keep their staff free of illness will be rewarded in the longer term.

Simple steps such as installing sanitisers around an office, and making sanitising wipes widely available, can make a big difference to health, wellbeing and job satisfaction levels – and it isn’t difficult. The strategic positioning and distribution of sanitisers, both non-alcohol and alcohol varieties, is one of the most effective tools to keep people healthy. High performance hand sanitisers and sanitising wipes for surfaces can kill up to 99.999% of common bacteria that cause illness within as little as 30 seconds.

It doesn’t take much to implement a change around the office which has a significant impact on the health & wellbeing of your office workers. Introducing sanitising wipes may only just be the beginning….


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