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Great tips for reducing your office cleaning costs!

Reducing cleaning costs is a common goal for office managers. Traditionally, the focus is on reducing or minimising labour costs, but reducing supply costs can also prove to be a major savings.

With that in mind, we thought we’d suggests some useful ways office managers  can help reduce their cleaning supply costs:

  • Avoid “on the spot” purchasing – buying a product, often just to test it out. If you want to test drive a product such as a toilet roll or kitchen towels many suppliers and manufacturers are happy to provide a sample.
  • Look for multi-surface cleaning tools.  This can apply both to cleaning chemicals well as equipment.  One cleaning solution or one machine that can clean multiple surfaces (i.e., hard surface floors and carpet) is one of the best ways to reduce supply costs.
  • Buy quality. Purchasing higher quality products invariably pays dividends, which reduces overall purchasing costs.  They may be easier to use; perform more effectively; be more durable; last longer, etc.
  • Join the “5 Litre Club.”  Invariably suppliers will offer a reduced price when cleaning chemicals are purchased in five-litre containers
  • Buy concentrated.  The more concentrated the cleaning solution, the longer it will last, helping to reduce costs significantly.
  • Focus on performance.  Select products that are more effective and/or help improve worker productivity.  Even if they cost more than comparable products, the labour-related savings will likely more than pay for the investment.
  • Use but don’t abuse. Unfortunately, one of the reasons cleaning tools and equipment must be replaced before the end of their expected lifespan is due to abuse.  Train staff on the proper, safe, and most efficient ways to use and care for cleaning equipment.

If you want any more handy tips on reducing your office cleaning costs, or you’d like to introduce a new cleaning service at your office, why not give The Organised Cleaning Company a call on 020 7458 4433 or email

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