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Try these three weird office cleaning tips – they actually work….

We’ve come across these these weird office cleaning tips which will save you money ensure great results….as well as making workplace chores a little more fun!

Regardless of whether you have a regular cleaning service or maintain your workplace yourself, every office needs a bit of a spruce up from time-to-time to ensure everything is as pristine as possible. Providing a fresh & clean work place maintains office morale and also helps make the right first impression on clients, customers & guests.

We know that cleaning can be an expensive chore. So, to  make your spruce up a lot more fun and a little easier on the pocket, we’ve sampled three of the most weird office cleaning tips which use natural, affordable ingredients you may never have considered before…

1. The (almost) self-cleaning microwave!

If your employees make good use of the office microwave at lunchtime, it’s likely that the appliance gets greasy and dirty very quickly. But giving the inside of the microwave a thorough clean and de-greasing can be a lengthy chore. Imagine if it could clean itself…

To make your microwave give itself a clean, mix together lemon juice and vinegar in water in a microwaveable bowl. Put it in the microwave and allow it to heat up for five minutes. Leave the door shut as the water cools, open up, then simply wipe dirt and grease away! well this one of the weird office cleaning tips.

2. Brighten up office plants with mayonnaise

You invested in plants around the office for many reasons but they can soon start looking quite dusty, bedraggled & lacklustre. Before too long it will be time to give them a spruce up! To spruce up your office flora, take a tissue and dab it in a small quantity of mayonnaise. Use this to gently rub dust from waxy plant leaves to leave them looking shiny and healthy.

Sometimes the little touches really make a difference, leaving your office a brighter, nicer place….

3. Clean windows with the daily news

Your window cleaners likely take care of the exterior of your window panes, but the inside of windows can become grubby just as quickly. If you’d like to give your workplace windows a polish with materials you have to hand, use a spritz of simple white vinegar & lemon juice, then buff it in a circular motion with a piece of scrunched up newspaper for a very impressive shine!

I hope you enjoyed these weird office cleaning tips because they do help and good luck finding more weird office cleaning tips.

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