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The magic of steam cleaning!

Over the past few years an increasing number of cleaning businesses and households have adopted the use steam cleaning. It’s not hard to see why when you understand the benefits of using steam to clean.

With steam cleaners, the steam is heated to temperatures over 150°C killing bacteria  as well as  removing grease & dirt. Because the temperature is so high, the steam leaves many surfaces dry to the touch. Due to the intense heat, steam cleaners remove the risk of contamination from using a dirty cloth, which could transfer sources of infection from one surface to another.

Heat aside, there are other, less obvious, advantages to using steam cleaners:

No chemicals required

Because of the heat, steam cleaners require no chemicals so they have environmental benefits. Due to the absence of chemicals, steam cleaning can be used on a wide range of surfaces. Steam cleaning also avoid contributing to the evolution of resistant bacteria, as poorly applied chemical cleaners can when they fail to kill bacteria effectively.

Effective reach

Steam cleaners can quickly & efficiently reach areas that can be difficult to tackle with a cleaning cloth, helping to tackle dirt in these areas which saves time. Steam cleaning makes it much easier and more practical to clean those hard to reach areas, which means cleanliness levels are raised as a result.

Food friendly

The catering & restaurant industry has increasingly recognised the benefits of steam cleaning. In food retailing steam cleaners are especially useful in areas where the highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness are vital – where fresh food is handled.

Steam cleaning machines can bring very real benefits to a whole range of people, from restaurants to households alike. High street retailers sell a range of steam cleaning equipment for the home (brands such as Karcher & Vax) and more professional equipment is available for a range of businesses & cleaning companies alike.

As more people learn the advantages of steam cleaning its use will become even more widespread and could have a significant impact on the way we approach cleaning.

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