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10 reasons why you should have tackled a spring clean!

Always wanted to tackle your home with  major spring cleaning but didn’t have the motivation…? With spring turning into summer, the urge to clean, dust & throw open the windows may have been strong, but was it been enough to spur you on to a thorough clean of your home?

There’s no doubt spring cleaning your home requires time, determination and lots of elbow grease. That can be enough to put anyone off, which is a shame, because a deep clean will set you and your home up beautifully for the lighter, longer days ahead.

1. Spring cleaning is a gift to you
Most of the time we only carry out a deep clean of our home if someone is coming to stay or there has been some insanitary disaster that prompts us to scrub up thoroughly (think burst pipe, spilled meal, dirty dog). A spring clean is a treat for you & the family as you get to enjoy your home at its best – you deserve it!

2. Your home needs it!
Not many of us can boast that our place is spotless all the time. However spic-and-span your pad is, use a spring clean as a chance to go deeper, further and higher, reviving the parts a weekly clean just cannot reach.

3. You will love coming home to clean
Opening the front door after a long day at work and stepping into a clean home is hugely satisfying. A place that immediately confronts you with chaos and chores, on the other hand, can wear you down and offers no sanctuary from the outside world.

4. Everyone can get involved
The whole family can help out when it comes to spring cleaning, so don’t be afraid to dish out tasks. Try to make it fun, too. Take lots of breaks, play music and supply snacks!

5. Unexpected things shine
It’s not until you embark on a deep clean that you realise how dirty your home has become. Once you start degreasing that cooker hood, wiping down those door handle fingerplates or washing glassware stored on open shelves, the difference in the look of your home will be spirit-lifting.

6. The whole place will smell good
Not only will your spring-cleaned home look tidy, it will smell amazing, too. Even just opening windows will restore freshness.

7. Cleaning makes heroes out of everyday objects
Everything looks better once it’s clean – fact! Even workaday appliances or objects command a double-take and a sigh of appreciation when spotless.

8. The gain should help you through the pain!
Spring cleaning can take a while and requires effort, which can be enough to deter us from picking up that mop. So it’s important to focus on the finish.

9. You may find lost objects
There’s nothing like a thorough clean for revealing where those keys have got to, where your child has stashed your watch or where the dog buried that slipper. You may even find money – coins and cash – down the back of the sofa or hidden in messy drawers.

10. The effects last
Of course, once you’ve cleaned a home, it gets dirty again, but the effects of a spring clean last longer than a quick flick round with a duster. Your home will look and feel cleaner and tidier for longer, freeing up your time so you can enjoy other projects or hobbies.

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