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Cleaning is the No.1 choice for security companies

Results of the research carried out by The Organised Cleaning Company and contained in our report ‘Challenges facing Security Companies in 2016’, found that out of 200 security companies we spoke with on security cleaning:

  1. 49% are interested in or would consider offering cleaning as part of their manned security;
  2. 39% already offer cleaning as part of their manned security service;

Out of the 39% of security companies that offer security cleaning as part of their manned guarding service:

  • 52% have an in-house cleaning division which carries out the cleaning
  • 48% either outsource or enter into partnership with a cleaning company

As a security company, have you considerd or are you considerding offering security cleaning services to compliment your manned guarding service? If so, The Organised Cleaning Company’s outsourced cleaning solution can help and you can find out more details (as well as requesting a copy of our research report) by contacting Matt Harris on 020 7458 4433 or email

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