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Why pre & end of tenancy cleans are important for landlords

Let’s be honest, if you’re a landlord you want the best level of rent that your buy to let property (or properties!) can achieve right? so how how does tenancy cleaning?

Things like regular decoration & maintenance, ensuring your gas and electrical certificates are up to date and PAT tested are all important to make sure your property is in the best (and legal compliant) condition to attract good tenants who value a well maintained home.

Ensuring your property is clean& well present at the outset of each new tenancy is also an important factor as it creates a good first impression for prospective tenants and sets a benchmark for how the property should be returned dat the end of the lease. This is where employing a professional & reliable end of tenancy cleaning company becomes an important consideration.

Any professional end of tenancy  cleaning company worth their salt will ensure that your property is left spotless at the start and end of tenancy. It goes without saying that when rental properties have been professionally cleaned, they are likely to attract more potential tenants, which in turn means that you will be able to secure the level of rent (or more) that you want for your property.

Potential tenants are far more likely to pay a higher price for clean & tidy properties and as a landlord, you’ll have shorter void periods because a clean and well maintained property will have greater demand. Higher rent, shorter void periods and better quality tenants who look after your property all contribute towards getting a better return on your rental investment.

The importance of a good pre & end of tenancy clean is often underestimated and undervalued. The average annual rent for a 2 bed flat in London is anywhere between £18,000 and £30,000. The average cost of an end of tenancy clean for a 2 bed flat (without carpet cleaning) is between £200-£250, or between 1-2% of the ANNUAL rent collected. Paying for a professional end of tenancy clean is well worth the investment when you consider the upside that a clean property provides.

If you have any questions about end of tenancy cleaning, please leave us a comment. If you’d prefer to talk to someone about end of tenancy cleaning, why not give ProClean Team a call on 020 8742 1808 or visit our website and we’d be happy to help

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