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Stop limescale build up in your bathroom!

Another challenge that is often faced by ProClean Team when carrying out pre & end of tenancy cleans, is removing the limescale build up in the bathroom. A lot of time is often spent in the bathroom getting rid of limescale and making the taps & shower gleam again. All that hard work is undone after one use when the water marks return, which can be very frustrating….

So, we thought we’d give you three handy tips to keep the limescale build up at bay!

1. Use a Squeegee

An easy way to reduce water marks is by investing in a squeegee – a stick with as sponge on one side and a soft rubber ridge on the other side. This is the same toll used by window cleaners to clean windows and you can use a similar version for you bathroom, or buy a specially made ‘bathroom squeegee’ to hang own your shower. This is the first remedy for limescale build up

After you use the shower, use your squeegee to quickly remove excess water from any wet surface. This prevents the water from settling on those surfaces and leaving limescale marks, especially when you live in a hard water area.

2. Buy the right product!

Sounds obvious doesn’t it, but you need the right product for the right job! That  means that when you’re shopping, make sure you look for products specifically designed to remove limescale – Viakal and Cilit Bang being the most available on the market (but there are other brands!).

If you’re giving your bathroom a good clean for the first time, you’ll need a good amount of elbow grease to shift the limescale. As with all cleaning, however, the more regularly you do it, the quicker and easier it will be.

You’ll be using water to rinse off the cleaning products so make sure you finish up with a dry cloth to polish all surfaces to prevent any limescale residue from forming. As a side note – always wear gloves and read the manufacturers instructions before using products.

3. Invest in a water softener

A long lasting solution may be to dealing with the problem at source and reducing the hardness in the water with a water softener. It works by using a resin to remove the hard minerals from your water and as a result, the water that’s left behind is much softer.

Using softer water in your bathroom will leave fewer water marks and you’ll experience less build up over time…

Happy cleaning!

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