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Security companies offering additional non-security related services

f91901270abb40cfa6caa42245bb8d28.jpegAs a result of the increased challenges faced by security companies, research conducted by The Organised Cleaning Company has identified some interesting trends such as the non-security related services from security companies…

In an effort to mititgate the challenges faced by security companies, an increasing number are offering supplementary non-security related services beyond manned guarding has enabled security companies to improve sales, increase their margin per client and raise their client retention rates, in the face of the rising competitive threat from FM companies.

A Security Research Initiative Report published in August 2012 surveyed 509 security companies found that almost half of the respondents said they carried out or arranged non-security related functions for their clients alongside their manned guarding service.

If you’d like a copy of The Organised Cleaning Company full research report entitled “Challenges facing Security Companies in 2016” please email Matt Harris at

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