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Is there an art to retaining staff at a cleaning company?

Finding and retaining good staff is a conundrum that all businesses face in cleaning company, although it seems to be an even more acute challenge at cleaning companies. Retaining, motivating, managing and developing staff is an ongoing process so we thought we’d provide a little insight and useful tips on how to keep hold of a dedicated and professional workforce.

1. Paying the right wage 

Cleaning is generally considered a low skilled/low paid job, however, if you expect a high level of performance from your cleaning staff – wages should always reflect performance. The introduction of the National Living Wage will prove a great advantage for cleaning staff and will ensure that operatives cannot work for next to nothing. Going one step further, if you can work  with your clients to pay the Living Wage that will have a massive impact on staff retention rates as we have experienced at The Organised Cleaning Company.

2. Flexibility & Teamwork

Flexible working has become popular in office environments in recent years and the same principle can be applied to cleaning staff. Flexible scheduling is welcomed by many cleaning operatives, especially those with childcare and transport challenges. Whilst it’s not always easy to be flexible on shift scheduling, this needs to be taken into account when considering the needs of employees and clients.

As for teamwork, a lot of cleaning operatives prefer to work in groups as cleaning can often be a solitary pursuit. Working in teams helps form bonds and can increase output which ensures maximum productivity from the whole team. Work is double & triple checked and it helps with teams taking pride in their work. This is something we have found with ProClean Team’s pre&end of tenancy cleaning teams.

3. Staff Management

It’s important that companies create a friendly and respectful atmosphere, which includes treating staff fairly and managing them in the correct way. Developing employees to feel self-worth, pride and a sense of belonging in a business is a true motivator – that’s why creating a team atmosphere is an important part of the business. Employees who feel truly appreciated are far less likely to leave.

4. Training & Development 

Opportunities for development & progression should be available for employees who want to pursue a professional cleaning career. Offering internal training & development demonstrates to staff that you care about their journey and in return, the provide a level of price in their work.

 The Organised Cleaning Company is constantly working at developing & improving its relationship with our employees – no different from any other cleaning company (or business) – to ensure that they are provided with the best possible working environment and to retain staff. Ignoring staff can be an expensive mistake. There’s no magic solution and it has to be a daily working in progress  to try and find a working environment which is fair & appealing to your staff.

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