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Landlords rejoice – Inventory disputes are falling in your favour…

Ohh how the tables have turned for landlords & agents……

The Tenancy Deposit Scheme’s Annual Review 2015 shows that more landlords & agents are  being awarded 100% of the disputed amount at adjudications, rather than tenants. In previous years, tenants have always been awarded the full deposit more often than landlords & agents, leading many of them to believe that the Courts are biased towards tenant.

However, research figures for 2015 show that 19.8% of all disputes raised by landlords & agents resulted in 100% pay outs to them, while 19.2% of all disputes resulted in 100% pay outs to tenants. The remaining 61% of cases saw disputed money split between parties. Compare this with 2014 when 20.25% of disputes raised by tenants earned them 100% payout, and only 18.21% for landlords & agents.

The increase in awards to landlords & agents  appears to be as a result of digital professional inventories and mid-term inspections.  Better standards of cleaning also help  to ensure that the condition of the property is fully recorded at the start of a tenancy, coupled with a comprehensive inventory and check out reports.

An increasing trend of water-tight inventory reports containing a full description and condition of the property, coupled with extensive & appropriate photographs, mean that landlords avoid the risk of disputes and expensive repair bills.

At ProClean Team (a division of The Organised Cleaning Company) we understand how important a part of the process carrying out a comprehensive professional pre or end of tenancy clean is in properly documenting the state and condition of a property. Contact us on 020 8742 1808, email or visit our website for details on how we can help!

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